Review of Me & My Pets Car Window Guard/Vent

This is a review of the Me and My Pets Car Window Dog Guard and Vent.


The Me & My Pets Car Window Guard/Vent is made from a sturdy hard plastic. It is quite heavy and solid in comparison to what it looks like in pictures. We tried this with our  Fiat panda and Peugeot 307 and were pleasantly surprised it fit both. You would think it was down to the manual adjustment of one of the cars having no electric windows but it wasn’t.

Me & My Pets Car Window Guard/Vent

To fit you simply just need to lower (or wind down) your window place the guard onto the glass of the window and then raise your window again so that the guard fits tightly into the window gap at the top. Once in place the guard feels sturdy. I would not however rely on this to deter any one from stealing valuables from inside or even stealing your car as although it is sturdy it could be easily pushed through with a heavy hand. It you have a child lock in your back car windows it is worth putting this on to provide extra hold.

Me & My Pets Car Window Guard/Vent

Getting the guard in place can take a while is one thing we noticed more so with the electric windows. This seemed to be due to a safety mechanism with a lot of cars that if the is enough resistance the window will drop back down again, however persevere as it will work with a bit of fiddling around with the window. With the manual wind down window this seemed to be a little easier as you had more control of how far the window was moving.

Me & My Pets Dog Window Guard Close Up

The guard provides excellent venting for your dog and the guard will fit a window of up to 60 cm in width. It is fully adjustable and when not longer required it can be folded back down and even stowed away neatly under the passenger seat.


Pros & Cons

  • Adjustable to fit most car windows
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy in position
  • Great value
  • Easy to clean and stow away
  • Available as a single or pair
  • Fiddly to get the position right
  • Reduces security to vehicle as can be pushed through with a heavy hand

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a simple designed, great value for money dog guard/vent that will do the trick as long as you are still in eyes distance of your vehicle.

Me and My Pets Car Window Dog Vent/Guard



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