Review of Meguiars Car Glass Cleaner Perfect Clarity

This is a review of the car glass cleaner by Meguiars.


Welcome to our review of Meguiars Car Glass Cleaner Perfect Clarity. First here are some of the products offerings:

  • Anti-mist formula for durable clear sight
  • Removes insect residues, resin, bird droppings, etc.
  • Safe to use on all foil-coated windows
  • Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner Spray 473ml

Just like the Astonish we have also reviewed, this offers an anti mist formula so that if you have some moisture in your vehicle this should help wick that away and keep your glass clear of condensation build up.

It is great at removing insect residue, resin, bird droppings and more. We are especially looking forward to using this product for this exact offering, we park our car under a tree and continually get bird poo, droppings, resin from the tree on our car windows.

Applying Meguiars Car Glass Clear

As we have with the others (minus RainX), we have applied using the same method for all. Spray thoroughly on the outside and inside of the glass, then wipe off with a strong kitchen paper towel and then remove any excess cleaner with a fresh paper towel.

We used this car glass cleaner on the inside and out of our cars glass and it worked tremendously well.

What we really liked about it is the ease of cleaning off some really thick, dry bird poo. It really did come off super easily and only after a couple of wipes and a small spray of the bottle.

It was super easy to clean our windows and left no streaks, even after wiping through bird droppings. We think this is because we used two separate cleaning paper towels, one with the spray on and one after to remove any excess, the first wipe did most of the cleaning.

We have been left with really clean and clear glass windows and side mirrors on our car, we’re very happy with this product.

Pros & Cons

  • Gets through thicker grime, bird poo, resin from trees and other muck without hassle
  • Some other cleaners only make the window clear, this solution really made it easy work to clean the window off and also looked great afterwards
  • Leaves a really nice smell after you’ve finished cleaning, this is good if you are cleaning the inside of your windows as well because you’ll have the smell on the inside of your car
  • Not as cheaper as some others but it cleans tough muck off and leaves the glass looking crystal clear.

Conclusion & where to buy

Probably one of the best all round glass cleaners we have tried, does the hard stuff and doesn’t leave any marks or streaks too.

We are really impressed with it, we have to use it every week though because we park under a tree, but you get a big bottle and it should last some months before we need to buy another.

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