Review of Northcore 3 Door Overhead Soft Roof Rack

Surf board specific soft roof rack bars for your car. We tested this with a single long board and inflatable stand up paddleboard.


These are the first soft roof racks we tested and although they are advertised as surfboard roof racks, we tested them with bodyboards and some long ladders. We didn’t have these to test with our kayak which we have down south.

We have added a video which has instructions on how to fit their Northcore range of soft car roof rack bars to hopefully give you a better insight.

Again, like the others, you don’t need fitted roof bars or racks to use these. You just need a car, with a roof and in this case, Northcore do soft roof racks for 3 and 5 door cars.

northcore double soft roof rack for surfboards


We tested the double soft roof rack by Northcore which can hold up to 10 surf boards, 5 on each pad. As well as the double, they also do a single and a 3 door car roof rack.

Fitting The Roof Rack

One thing we liked about this rack was that it attached through the front doors and the rear section went in to the boot compartment. It then uses rubber style hooks/stoppers which you can tighten against to pull the rear soft section back and finish off the fit.

One thing we noticed is that when pushing the straps through the buckles, they frayed immediately, we glued these together on our return so that this wouldn’t happen again. Other than that, the straps felt very safe and strong, just had this one problem.

Driving With The Northcore Roof Rack

We went out to our local beach break, down some country lanes and managed to hit 65mph with a longboard strapped on to the top with a bodyboard bag on top of that. We didn’t have any issues, it was only a 25minute drive but we’re sure this rack set up will be more than fine at high speeds and for longer durations.

Pros & Cons

  • Can be fitted to 3 door cars, a perfect 3 door roof rack
  • Easy to fit, no inflating is needed
  • They have different products depending on how many surfboards or pieces of gear you want to hold
  • Great price
  • Strapping ends fray when fitting it to your car

Conclusion & where to buy

A great simple soft roof rack setup by Northcore. You have multiple options to fit your requirements, 3 door cars, larger cars, multiple surf boards. No real problems and felt great with multiple boards on top and at speed.

Northcore Three Door Soft Roof Rack

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as of July 1, 2024 11:18 pm


43cm x 13cm x 3cm


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