Review of Outdoor Paws Travel Dog Car Seat Cushion

A travel dog car seat cushion which can be used in and out of a car, rolled up and taken with you on your travels. This is fully waterproof and has a rough and a soft side which stops it slipping about on car seats and more comfortable on the other.


We were after a travel dog bed for our little one, something we could use in the car and whilst out and about, visiting family etc. We saw this online at Amazon and thought it would be perfect. He’s grown out of his little booster seat we have also reviewed, so it was time to try something else.

It’s fully waterproof, on both sides and can be rolled up and taken away with you anywhere. We tested it out for a week were we went to the beach, visited family and took him for long walks which we drove to in the car.

outdoor paws travel pet car cushion

As you can see, you can wrap this dog cushion up which is great, perfect for taking wherever you need. When you unwrap it you have two sides, one has been made to keep in contact with the floor or ground. It is more hard wearing, non slip, waterproof and made of polyester.

The top is made of nylon and is very comfortable, so comfortable we’ve actually upgraded his dog bed in our living room with this one. It works really well and is perfect from going from the car after a walk and in to the house. The cushion keeps our car seats clean and dry. If we have washed him, we can dry him out and leave him on this, so it’s a great multi purpose dog bed.

Because of it’s material, it is very easy to shake the sand off of it and even wipe mud clean off of it.

Pros & Cons

  • Multi purpose dog cushion, can be used anywhere, rolled up and taken with you
  • Waterproof on both sides, keeps a wet dog off the floor and also keeps your car seats dry
  • Very easy to clean and if you need to you can machine wash it
  • Keeps dog hair and mud off of your car seats
  • Great for larger dogs compared to the booster seats which only fit small dogs
  • Bungee cords can be chewed by puppies which can be dangerous

Conclusion & where to buy

An awesome multi purpose dog bed which we used on our back seats before and after walks. It doesn’t fit in like other dog seat cushions and booster seats we have tested but it’s bigger so most dog sizes will fit on this, it’s big and comfortable for our 12kg cocker spaniel cross. If you need something waterproof and hard wearing you can use in different situations, this one is for you.

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