Review of Posture Cushion Car Swivel Cushion

This is a review of the Posture Cushion Car Swivel Cushion which is made of memory foam and offers a 360degree swivel rotation to help you get in and out of your car. We give it a quick whirl to see how it is.


The Posture Cushion car swivel cushion is designed to fit on your car seat to help getting in and out of the car. To the base of the cushion is a rubber anti slip mat, on top of this is a memory foam cushion and then topped with a washable cushion cover.

Posture Cushion Car Swivel Cushion in place


This is a very comfortable memory foam cushion, it is the largest we have tried at 40 cm diameter by a 4cm thick cushion. I have to say I sat happily on this without feeling it was too small, so I would say it would easily sit most passengers and drivers. Its only downside being a little on the larger size is that it may not fit your car seat. In my partners car the seats are quite narrow and this mean’t that with the curvature of the seat it prevented the cushion to swivel. In such cases the cushion could only be used in the car on the back seat.

The combination of the large circumference with the memory foam means it generally will only work well for a regular passenger who sits on the back seat or for a driver who has fairly large front seats.

The soft velour cushion cover provides extra comfort and ease of keeping the cushion fresh and clean.


Pros & Cons

  • Memory foam cushion to retain user mould
  • Anti sleep rubber base
  • Washable removable cushion cover
  • Large and comfortable
  • Good quality way helpful aid into get in and out of car
  • Potentially too large for some car seats and will then not swivel

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a large very comfortable swivel cushion, will suit a variety of user sizes but however is limited to larger car seats for it to work effectively because of its diameter, we like how its made of memory foam and will work for longer journeys and most importantly help you get in and out of your car easily.

Posture Cushion 360 Rotating Memory Foam Swivel Cushion - Ideal for Car (Not With High Sided Seats)/Home/Office

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40 x 4 cm



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