Review of RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard

This is a reivew of RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard which will keep dogs safe inside a well ventilated car and stop it getting out.


The RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard is made of a strong hard plastic. In comparison to others we have tried I would like to mention this one appears to be the sturdiest. Although saying that this still is not going to be a match for someone who wants to break into your car as it is only plastic in their way.

RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard


To attach you will need to wind down the window then attach to the glass and wind back up, if you have an electric window you may have difficulty as we have had with the automatic safety release where it takes the window down slightly. If you have manual wind down windows you will have no trouble unless you have curves in your windows. This is a guard only for the back windows to your car, so will not work in a van or car with only front seats and windows.

This model is light, compact and is easily stowed away. It does not provide the largest of ventilation spaces, so if your after something bigger look for an extra large option or one that can have two put together. Other than that the RAC guard does what is says it does and your dog will have enough ventilation and a good viewing spot to keep an eye on you if you need to keep them in the car for a short period.

RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard


Pros & Cons

  • Cheap
  • Easy to fit
  • Good quality material
  • Very sturdy
  • Only works on back windows
  • Problem with electric windows
  • Will not fit all windows

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a well made product making it very good value for money. Make sure to check your windows shape prior to buying.

RAC RACPB17 Window Vent Guard, clear

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60 x 60 x 24 cm


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