Review of Resqme Hammer The Modern Emergency Hammer

This is a review of the Resqme hammer, The Modern Emergency Hammer


Weighing 141g, the lightweight modern emergency hammer is sleek and has been made a little differently to other emergency hammers out there.

The hammer comes with a quick easy bracket that can attached in the car to make the hammer easy to grab in an emergency. The hammer has the classic sharp steel point to the top side of the hammer and is where the most weight lies. A special design to this hammer is the shape its been made easy to grab and comfortably hold and the front part that goes over the top of your fingers will protect your knuckles as you break the glass.


The seat belt cutter which you would normally find to the base of most hammers is actually at the top the opposite side of the hammer point, nicely hidden away in a recess making it not easy to catch your fingers at all.

resqhammer in car


Pros & Cons

  • Well thought out design
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomical handle
  • Knuckle protection when breaking window
  • Easy to grab in an emergency
  • Not next day delivery

Conclusion & where to buy

The resqhammer is a delightfully handy tool that has been well designed and well made.

Resqme 210.1400.51 Car Escape Tool, Yellow, 1 Resqhammer

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