Review of Road Refresher Non Spill Travel Dog Bowl

This is a review of the Road Refresher Travel Dog Bowl.


The Road Refresher pet travel bowl has been cleverly designed to prevent spillage. It comes as three parts, there is the main bowl itself and on top of this is an inner floating bowl with three holes in which only allows one mouth full of water at a time when your dog is taking in water, so there is only enough water to drink and this is how it gets around with the spillage and overflowing. What is also great is the floating compartment moves down the larger bowl with the water so continues to fill up slowly so your dog does not need to push the compartment down to get water it will do this automatically till the bowl is empty. As the bowl comes in two size options of small and large it can be used for dogs of varying sizes and breeds. The large has a 120mm wide drinking hole and 1.4L water volume and the small has a 9cm wide drinking hole with a 0.6L water volume.

The rim that goes on to the top of the bowl makes the actual access to the water bowl smaller meaning no long ears or beards are going to get wet in the process it means your dog is less likely to slobber water everywhere and especially when travelling in the car it is helpful to keep areas clean and dry. The only downside I have found to the rim is that our cocker spaniel enjoys chewing things, especially hard plastic so the rim has had a few nibbles in it, you can get around this by just removing the bowl when your car is moving.

prestige road refresher travel dog bowl

The rim also means that if the bowl is knocked or kicked there is less of a chance water is going to spill out as well as the inner floating compartment which acts as an extra barrier only letting a small amount of water through.

It doesn’t fold away, however this bowl has the ability to be transported as it is and with water in because if you are driving along and hit the brakes there is not enough water in the drinking section to be able to reach up and over the rim to come out.

One of the best features of this dog travel bowl is that it comes with a velcro base, which means that is absolutely perfect for a boot space in a car or anywhere else with a carpet. So just like the water inside it won’t move about due to it’s design.

Pros & Cons

  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Reduces spills
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Uses a heat resistant polypropylene
  • Easy to put together
  • Prevents slobber going everywhere
  • The rim prevents long ears and beard getting into the water
  • Has a velcro bottom so will stick down to most carpeted surfaces in your car or camper van
  • Does not easily pack away
  • Not suitable for puppies and dogs that like to chew

Conclusion & where to buy

The Road Refresher is a fantastically designed travel bowl, it doesn’t fold up and isn’t for big chewers but otherwise provides your dog access to water on the move with no spillage, fuss or mess.

Prestige Road Refresher Non Spill Pet Water Bowl, S, Blue

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(Large) 24 x 10 cm (Small) 19 x 8cm

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