Review of Seat Saver Waterproof Car Front Seat Cover

This is a review of the Seat Saver Car Seat Cover. A mid range car seat cover with the priority for being a quick cover solution. With a robust, waterproof material it is aimed at those with a busy but active lifestyle.

We have ranked this as our #1 front car seat cover, as it comes in a myriad of colours, blue, red, cream, grey and black, read on to find out why we ranked it our best front seat car cover and protector.



Fitting this Seat Saver car seat cover is very quick and easy.  It can be wrapped over seat and can be easily whipped off too. The Seat Saver car seat cover has a good snug fit at the front of the seat as well as covering the headrest however the material hangs over the back quite loosely with no way to secure it.


The hard wearing nylon fabric is waterproof with a specific rubber lining underneath. Due to the rubber means there is no slipping when sat on the seat cover.

Keeping Clean

This is machine washable but being nylon and hard wearing you will be able to wipe this car seat cover clean if you do get any liquid or dirt on it. The rubber lining underneath keeps the material waterproof.

Other Notes

The combination of ease of use and being a waterproof, robust material makes for a perfect match for an active busy lifestyle. This is why we have ranked it our #1 car seat cover, combining the cost with the job that it does, it perfectly protects your car seat whilst still being very affordable. It’s completely waterproof and will make sure that it keeps the worst of the muck you or your family bring in to your car, keeping your car seats looking newer for longer.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Available in 4 different colours.
  • Great for an active lifestyle
  • Has a waterproof underlining – preventing stains and spillages.
  • Good for stopping spillages, stains and soiling your lovely car seats
  • Quick delivery, on Amazon Prime if you want it next day
  • Does not interfere with side airbag of seat
  • Thin material
  • Doesn’t fit bigger car seats
  • Loose at the back of the seat as there is no way to secure it at the back

Conclusion & where to buy

If you are after a hassle free car seat cover this could be the one your looking for. Simple to take on and off the seat with no added tassels or fasteners. Take care when making sure it will fit your car seat and when your cleaning it.

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