Review of Streetwize Soft Car Roof Rack Bars

Streetwize surfboard soft roof rack setup, great entry price, being the cheapest we have reviewed. We give it a whirl to see how it reviews.


These are advertised as surfboard soft roof rack bars, but they can definitely carry more. We also tested with ladders, bodyboards in a bodyboard bag and an inflatable SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard).

They are light and compact roof bars which are another great replacement for roof rails and roof bars. Being soft instead of inflatable means that you just chuck them up on top of your roof and strap them up on the inside of your car. They are made of foam and will protect the roof of your car from getting dinted or scraped. You know you don’t have to worry about it popping either being made of foam.

We used these to go to the beach a couple of times and the second time it poured down on our way there. The rear roof rack got soaked and brought in some water, it didn’t pour in but did drip from the strapping. We weren’t worried about this though as it’s only a few drips and we had car seat covers on our rear seats anyway. If it just drizzled, we don’t think any water would come in as the strapping soaks up the water before it comes in.

This soft roof rack vibrated more than any others when we first fitted it but after moving it around, tightening it and making sure everything was lined up it stopped rattling and vibrating at speed.

Pros & Cons

  • Best price you will get for a soft or inflatable roof rack set up for your car
  • Really easy to install, just takes a few minutes
  • Doesn’t carry as much as the other portable rack set ups, 2 large surfboards at most

Conclusion & where to buy

A great alternative to metal, fitted roof racks and bars. Really cheap compared to the manufacturer sets and if you just want to transport a couple of surfboards or other small items, it’s perfect.

Streetwize SWRB6 Easy Rack Soft Roof Rack - 65.6 x 20.6 x 16.2 cm - Universal Car Rack, Max Weight Capacity 75 kg

15 new from £34.00
as of June 26, 2024 3:11 pm



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