Review of Swedish Ice Scraper a Car Windscreen De-Icer

This is a review of the Swedish Ice Scraper, a high-end car windscreen scraper which we test and talk about below.


We have seen the phrase “It’s just an ice scraper” branded about quite a bit online when looking in to which to test and review and after using this ice scraper, we can confirm, that this is not just an ice scraper.

This is a 6mm thick Original Swedish Ice Scraper, the largest available and in black. They also do a medium and a mini size ice scraper and you can find them in different colours, which you can actually choose, unlike the Bosmere.

swedish ice scraper car windscreen scraper


We absolutely love it and when we received it couldn’t wait for an icy morning and to use it on our car. It’s really simple, put the neoprene part against your palm, then put your finger in the hole and grip both sides with the rest of your hand. It’s long enough to not get ice on your hands when scraping and scraping it backwards and forwards just feels great, it gets the ice off really easily.

swedish ice scraper


It uses 6mm recycled acrylic glass which should last for years and years, we reckon we could still be using ours in a decade its that tough. If it looses it’s edge, it states on their website that the material can be re-polished and you can get a perfect, like new edge back on it. It feels great in the hand and the neoprene is a feature we haven’t seen on any other scraper and de-icer tool.

It even has a wiper cleaner on one of the sides and was great on all car windows. A very simple tool for the job that more than out performs it’s need.

Pros & Cons

  • Solid build, will last for years and years
  • Comes in 3 different sizes, if you want a pocket size one, they have it
  • Comes in different colours, we love the green/yellow option.
  • Gets the job done really quickly, fastest or second fastest ice scraper we tested
  • Feels good in the hand and keeps you away from the ice
  • Not the cheapest option, but you might never have to buy another one again

Conclusion & where to buy

A very solid and tough car ice scraper, no matter how thick the ice is, this should get through it. Looks really good, will fit in your cars glove box ready for the next frosty morning.

Swedish Ice Scraper - 6mm Dark Red with Neoprene Holder


16.4 x 13 x 0.2 cm


Martin Shaw
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