Review of the Trixie Car Dog Ramp

This is a review of the Trixie Car Pet Ramp, a small plastic dog ramp.


The Trixie Pet Ramp is easy to assemble and lightweight, once you pull it out of the box. It is a case of unfolding the two parts and getting them to clip together in place. Once folding the ramp back down there is a clip to hook around a bolt near the base to hold both parts firmly together for transportation.

Trixie Car Pet Ramp

The underside has rubber grips every few centimeters and are great for providing good stability on the floor as well as gripping to the interior of your boot as well as the side passengers seats.

The ramp is a little narrow in comparison to others available but I feel this makes it a lot more rigid and provides a smaller range for a dog to go, as long as their balance is good they should find this manageable. We tried this out with our friends older cocker spaniel who has been used to jumping in and out of the car for years. At first the ramp had to have a good old sniff but then after a little hesitation, he gave a slow walk up the ramp and in to the car. I feel this was really helped by the anti slip surface to the ramp as well as the safety barrier along the sides of the ramp. He doesn’t have the best eyesight having a glucoma problem and having this aid helped him get in to the car.

Trixie Car Pet Ramp To Boot

This is also one of the cheapest dog ramps available and it is wonderful that the price doesn’t seem to show in terms of quality of the ramp. It packs away easily in the car meaning if you having an elderly dog they can still join you on adventures. Its size also allows for use with small wheeled items to be rolled up into the car or a van if they are too heavy to lift such as a pram, a small wheeled zimmer frame or even a bicycle.

I would say this ramp is suited for small to medium breed size dogs. The width may be too small and the weight the ramp can hold is too small for large and extra large breed dogs such as Great Danes, St Bernards and Cane Corso.

Pros & Cons

  • Safety rail to the sides
  • Anti Slip Coating
  • Folds away easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Well made
  • Can be used for wheeling bikes or prams into car too
  • Helps to prevent joint problems in larger dogs
  • Helpful for dogs with arthritis
  • Sturdy design
  • Not wide enough or strong enough for Large and extra large breed dogs

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a fab compact and easily stored dog ramp for your car, it is robust and stable but not suited for large to extra large dog breeds

Trixie Pet Ramp, Black, 40 × 156 cm

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155.6 x 40 x 10.2 cm


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