Review of TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

This is a review of the TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror


The TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror comes as a pack of two to be attached to each wing mirror. It is large in size and the heaviest blind spot mirror for our car that we have tried.

TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

The mirror has no stand or sockets it is a case of clipping the mirror to the top of your wing mirror, it is very simple to use. There is no glue or sticky tape which makes it very easy to attach, remove and reuse again on the same or another vehicle.

TRIXES Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

The blind spot mirror does have a wide angle view which does provide a good blind spot view, the clip is sturdy and strong providing a stable and non wobbly image of your blind spot, however as the mirror is not glued it you are driving in bad weather and strong winds I would not recommend using this mirror because while driving it did fall off once driving in torrential rain. Another factor to consider is the lack of adjustment available, to get the view correct you will need to adjust your wing mirror.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Can be removed easily and used again with ease
  • Cheap
  • Wide angle view
  • A little heavy
  • Lack of adjustable view
  • May fall off in bad weather

Conclusion & where to buy

The TRIXES blind spot mirror provides a simple wide angle view that attaches to both wing mirrors, it isn’t adjustable and has the potential to fall off in bad weather but is not going to break the bank to buy.

TRIXES 2 X Adjustable Car Van Blind Spot Blindspot Wide Angle Towing Mirror - Car Accessories - Small Mirrors - Mounting Mirrors for Side and Rearview Mirrors

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