Review of Wooden Racing Car Bed for Kids

This is the first wooden racing car bed we have reviewed for toddlers and it has come in a flat pack box. We review this bed in this post and see how it compares to the others.


It has a red racing car pattern on the side of this boys car bed, we think they will love the design just as much as we do. It’s a low bed so that your child can get in and out with ease and without any problems or having to climb.

It is the first wooden race car bed we have reviewed and made fully from MDF which has been painted all over for a tough and good looking finish. The paint that has been used is non toxic eco paint which is what we like to see, only the best for the young-uns.

You get a free foam mattress with the UK car bed and the USA version comes without a bed, the mattress size you will need is 140 x 70 x 13 cm

wooden toddler car bed for boys


Putting the bed together was easy, it is of the flat pack variety so comes in a smaller box than the size of the finished bed. Just follow the simple instructions and you’ll have it built in less than 20 minutes. Just follow the numbers that relate to each other and it will be up in no time.

It is a very sturdy design and will definitely last a young child jumping up and down on it. The UK version comes with a free mattress, we recommend getting a mattress topper as well for it because it is not the thickest and with a mattress topper you can choose how soft or hard you want the bed to be.

wooden car bed for toddlers


We absolutely love the profile of this bed from the side, it looks like a real racing car, although it doesn’t have the life like wheels of the others.

You will have to remember that this bed does not fit a single size duvet set, you will need to purchase a duvet set specifically for mid-size beds and toddler beds. Just check the sizes and go from there.

Pros & Cons

  • Great looking wooden car bed
  • Perfect for your young child to move up from a cot to a bigger bed
  • Easy to assemble and is very sturdy
  • UK version comes with a mattress
  • Hard to think of a con for this car bed

Conclusion & where to buy

A really solid car bed for toddlers, it doesn’t grow with the child but is a solid investment to move them from a cot up to a big boys bed. We love the price of it and we’re sure your child will love the bed just as much as we do.

leomark Racing Car Kids Wooden Bed with Foam Mattress 200 x 90 Children's Toddlers Bed F1 Bolid


158*73*46 cm


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