Review of Yahill Single Camping Bed

This is a review of the Yahill Ultralight Camping Bed. A camping bed which can be packed away in it’s sleeve for car camping. It is the smallest when packed away at 42 x 12cm in size in it’s pack bag.


The Yahill Ultralight Camping Bed is not your usual looking camping bed, a lot of design has gone into creating this.

At a weight of only 1.7kg and the ability to fold up to a size of 41 by 12cm in its compact carry bag. Its size gives you the option to combine a car camping and an overnight camping trip.

Yahill Camping Bed

The material of the camping bed is made from a strong nylon,at 180cm it isn’t the longest camping bed available however if you require a little longer there is now an upgraded model of this camping bed at a length of 190 cm with an extra 12 cm on the width.

Yahill Camping Bed

The assembly of the bed does take a bit of strength to get the anodized aluminium poles in as you will need to slightly bend the poles to get into both sides of the bed. There are also 8 poles provided, which allows you to double up the centre poles for extra support and there are extra further holes in the material to added further support however this all adds to assembly time and its overall difficulty. Once assembled is is genuinely a comfortable night sleep. The soft nylon circular feet provide extra stability and a spring mattress sensation.

If you require this to be used for a bigger adult of 70kg+ then we highly recommend you purchase the extra feet and width support rods .


Pros & Cons

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Heavy duty nylon
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • It isn’t the sturdiest if you weigh over 60kg, it’s unique design is great but it lets it down a little in this department
  • Putting it together is a little fiddly and requires strength
  • Quite pricey

Conclusion & where to buy

The Yahill Camping Bed is ultralight, ergonomically designed and suitable for multiple uses, you will however need to be strong enough, or have someone strong enough with you to assemble it.


179.8 x 57.9 x 9.9 cm



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