Review of Gladle 12 V Car Windscreen Display

This is a review of the Gladle 12 V Car Windscreen Display


The Gladle 12V Car Windscreen display is a small LED message display measuring 14 x 7 x 2.5 cm, smaller than other LED car messages out there. It doesn’t scroll or provide you with any other word other than Taxi.

Gladle 12V car windscreen display

It uses quite a short cable at 120 cm in length to connect to your cigarette lighter, however this sign is designed to fit at the front of your car being a taxi. This was actually given as a slight joke gift as always being the ‘taxi’ for family. Especially at its bargain price, it is a bit of a stocking filler.

There are no remote  control settings to this just stick the sign to your dash board using the suction cups attached. When lite up the sign is very bright and infact can be increased using the + and – buttons on the bottom of the sign.



Pros & Cons

  • Bright and adjustable brightness
  • Easily visible
  • Choice of two colours when purchasing
  • Bargain Price
  • Small in size
  • Only displays the word Taxi

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a cheap and cheerful taxi sign which you can see a mile away, especially handy in British weather.

GAESHOW 12V Taxi Windscreen Cab Indicator Lamp Sign Windshield LED Light Indicator Lamp

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Martin Shaw
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