Review of No Choke Ondoing Dog Car Harness

    A cheaper dog car harness that we have tested with our little cocker spaniel/cross pup. We were after something that wasn't too expensive as he is still growing as we will have to buy him a bigger one in a few months.

    ondoing dog car harness


    Technical Details
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    24 x 20 x 2.4 cm
    141 g
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    This test is based on a medium size dog car harness by Ondoing. Our little pup is approx 12kg in weight and 6 months old. So we're testing the medium as this fits him the best, it's actually in the small to medium setting of this medium sized harness (if that makes any sense), so hopefully it should last a couple of months at least and he can grow a bit more and get some good use out of it.

    ondoing dog car harness

    First impressions are that this is a strong and well made product. It is made of a thick durable 600D oxford fabric and looks comfortable. We want it to be comfortable for him when we're travelling as we do frequent and long journeys visiting family, friends and going on adventures with him.

    If you have a smaller dog than ours, the harness may be a bit bulky on your dog and it may not find it that comfortable. It is because there is a lot of material on it and 4 harness points where you clip in the buckles.

    ondoing dog car harness

    It comes with a thick metal D ring on the back of the harness which you can attach any dog seat belt to and even use it out of the the car when on walks and hiking too. Just swap out the dog seat belt and attach your dog lead, voila.

    We struggle every now and then to fit his harness as he gets excited and having 4 buckles is slightly harder than 2. It's not the harnesses problem, it's just that our little pup moves around and gets excited when he knows he's off on a big walk. The saving grace with this is that the clips are all at the top of the harness, on the back of the dog so aren't out of the way and we can see at least, where we are clipping them in to.

    There is a random little velcro slogan on the back, saying 'I <3 Boss', we have just taken that off as it will only get lost out on a walk anyway and we don't want to litter.

    What we really like about this dog car harness is that it has a full front, stomach protective fabric. It isn't just webbing or straps that wrap around the dogs body, this is much safer in our opinion as it holds the full weight of the dog across it's body rather than just at a couple of small points, in turn, spreading the energy of a crash, if it were to happen.

    • Solid, sturdy design, definitely protect your dog in the car when attached with a seat belt clip
    • Looks good
    • Waterproof, so when out and about on adventures and walks, he can run through puddles and it won't soak the water up, it sort of splashes off
    • Cheap dog harness
    • Can be used in the car as a security feature to protect your dog when driving about or out on walks too
    • Can be bulky and uncomfortable for smaller dogs as it has thick material and there is a lot to it (loads of plastic and 4 buckles)
    • Sizing can be a bit off, we got a medium for our cocker spaniel cross puppy and he has room to grow in it

    A great cheap dog car harness which looks like it will definitely keep your dog secure and safe in the vehicle. Also can be used out and about too, not just for in the car, we really like it.

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