Review of SODIAL Car Headrest Clothes Coat Hanger

    This is a review of the SODIAL(R) Car Headrest Clothes Coat Hanger

     SODIAL(R) Car Headrest Clothes Coat Hanger


    Technical Details
    Carry Capacity
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Number of seats
    1 seats
    Seat Position
    driver seat
    passenger seat
    55.6 x 26.4 x 4.3 cm
    Next Day Delivery

    The SODIAL car headrest clothes hanger is one that is more chrome wire than hook, with two small hard plastic clips that attach to the back of your head rest posts.

    SODIAL (R) Car Headrest Clothes Coat Hanger

    What is handy about this hanger as it does not require you to remove the head rest. It is very simple to install and just requires pushing the clips onto the head rest poles. The is some limit to the type of connection, the poles need to be rounded to attach and also need to be between 8-16mm in diameter, if not this particular hanger is not going to fit. They use tension to hold themselves in place, you just bend/pull them in towards each other to attach from the inside of the headrest poles.

    SODIAL (R) Car Headrest Clothes Coat Hanger

    I am not that impressed with the design for stability and strength, if you are interested in just holding some trousers and a shirt then this will suffice but only a few items can be carried by it.. With anything a little heavy this has the potential to come off at the clips. With carrying items such as light shirts, blazers, cardigans and dresses this hanger comes into its element as it can help hold clothing in place and crease free. But don't expect it to carry bags or shopping as it hasn't been designed for that.

    SODIAL (R) Car Headrest Clothes Coat Hanger In Car


    It's best strength is that its shape means you can carry a pair of trousers hung up over one of the rails and then a shirt and jacket over the top using the rounded sections to hold them in place, all crease free. If you have two, one on each headrest, you can carry yours and your partners clothing to an event or for a weekend away.

    • Easy to fit
    • Good value for money
    • Holds a coat very well, keeps its shape
    • Holds trousers and a jacket on one hanger
    • No need to remove the headrest
    • Only fits headrests with round posts
    • Only 1 supplied
    • Cannot hold heavy items

    The SODIAL clothes hanger is not the strongest car clothing hanging system however it is one of the easiest to set up with a mere attachment of two clips, ability to keep clothing in shape and good value for money price.

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