2018 Ford Endeavour Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

Reviewing The Expected Facelifts In 2018 Ford Endeavour The US motor company Ford was recently caught in Australia spied testing its new Ford Endeavour facelift. Along with a complete facelift, this new generation is expected to add some brand new and amazing goodies to the list of the equipment being offered to the customers. This new offering from Ford is going to be the brainchild of the Asia Pacific Product Development Center of the company.

2018 Ford Endeavour Release Date :

Based on the rumors that one can hear from Australia, where the testings were conducted, one can expect the car to get launched in the 2018 NY Auto Expo. In the first phase the car would be launched in USA, UK and China markets, and subsequently it will make its way into the Asia, Pacific and African markets.

2018 Ford Endeavour Price :

The launch price of the car is expected to be somewhere around $32000 to $38000.

2018 Ford Endeavour Exterior :

The Exterior Facelift The details about the kind of facelift that one can expect in this car are limited. Even the spy shots that are available from the testing face do not reveal much about the looks of the new car.      However, based on the few snaps and shots that are available to us, some of the changes that can be made out include the following:
  • The car is expected to have wider dimensions so that it is able to accommodate more passengers.
  • The new design of the car will make the car lighter in weight as well.
  • The majority of the changes can be seen on the front end of the car. The fenders and plastics are expected to be given a wider stance so that the car gets an overall more robust look. The front grill is going to be of chrome and will have the company logo right in the middle.
  • While the exact changes are a little difficult to decipher, but it can be safely assumed that these changes would be inspired by the Ford F-150 pick-up truck of the company.
  • The ACC or the Adaptive Cruise Control is also going to get updated and come with autonomous emergency brakes. This can be seen in the new front bumper Radar/module, as well as in the stereo cameras that have been mounted in front of the IRVM.
  • Since it was only the front profile of the car was kept under wraps, therefore, it can be believed that the majority of the changes will happen to the front end of the car, while the rear part of the car may stay unchanged.
  • New bumpers, along with headlights are going to be added in a sweptback design.
  • The fog lights would be linked to the front side bumpers.

2018 Ford Endeavour Interior :

The Interior Facelift Ford does not like to leaving things to chance, when it comes to the interiors of its cars.
  • The upgraded seating structure of the car is expected to come with comfy leather seats, in a luxurious, furnishing style.
  • When going on vacations in this car, you would be able to enjoy a complete home theatre experience through the infortainment system being installed in this car.
  • The cabin area of the car is quite spacious, however, the cargo area of the car continues to be restricted.
  • Keeping its promise of adding more goodies to this car, customers can expect door handles to come with unlock request buttons.
  • One of the most competitive features that is expected to be added to this car is that of keyless entry, through an automated start/stop button.
  • Some other technical features which make this car a high-end car include dual zone environment control, satellite navigation, 40-way leather based steering, and many more such amazing features.

2018 Ford Endeavour Engine :

The Engine Facelift
  • Not many mechanical changes in the car are believed to be on the cards.
  • The engine of the car can also be fine tuned in order to offer better performance in terms of fuel efficiency and overall refinement. Although electrification may not be an option for the current generation cars.
  • The first engine in the car would be a 2.5 liter, four cylinder, Duratorq TDCi engine. It would have 143 horsepower and a torque of 330 Nm.
  • The second engine would be a direct gas injection, 3 liter, several cylinders, Duratorq TDCi engine. It will have a power of 156 horsepower and a torque of 380 Nm.
Conclusion The current model of Ford Endeavour which is already in the market, has already got some great reviews from the customers, and is very high in demand. With the new facelifts, the demand for the 2018 Ford Endeavour can only be expected to rise even further.  

2018 Ford Endeavour Photo Gallery :


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