2019 Ford Escape Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

While people are still not over the 2018 model that was released a few months ago, Ford is all geared up to bring forth the new model 2019 Ford Escape. The small crossover segment is quite competitive so Ford does not wants to lose its competitive edge in this segment hence the upgrade.

2019 Ford Escape will continue to be a compact crossover just like its predecessors. The new model of the car is going to be the outcome of the improvements made by Mazda and Ford.  It is speculated that it will get some important enhancements both in its style as well as technology.  The 2019 Ford Escape will get three variants namely SE, S and the Titanium edition.

2019 Ford Escape Exterior

In all probability, the Upcoming Ford Escape will encounter some major changes in its layout. The new model is speculated to be lightweight and a bit more compact. The developers will be using lightweight aluminum. The dimensions of the car are going to be beneficial to its aerodynamics. The improved headlights will make it look a lot hunkier. The back of the car is not going to be altered and the makers will stick with the design of the previous model. The rims and the wheel size will also continue to be the same.

Ford’s iconic grille on the front side of the car gives it a muscular look and a more dominating road presence.

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2019 Ford Escape Interior

The 2019 Ford Escape is also going to get some alterations on the inside. The photos of the car show that there are certainly some upgrades. The speedometer of the car looks modern and the 2019 model will also be getting an LCD touchscreen. The seats of the vehicle are going to be quite comfortable. The sitting section is covered with real leather which makes it a lot more luxurious and gives the riders a more high-class feel.  The leg room on the back seats is decent; the back seat riders won’t get any chance to complain. Not only this, the headspace of the Escape is also pretty amazing.  The trunk of the car also provides decent space to keep your belongings.

Overall the compact crossover looks pretty dominating and has a muscular built.

Ford pays a lot of attention to the safety features and the new 2019 Ford Escape will endeavor to maintain the track record and provide the optimum level of safety to the customer. With the safety features being boosted this crossover will become the ideal car for long journeys.

2019 Ford Escape Engine

In order to maintain its position on the top, Ford must follow the modern trends. This is the reason why we will be seeing the new Escape with about three engine alternatives. The first one is going to be a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. In order to get a better fuel economy at the cost of performance, one can buy 1.5 liter drivetrain variant of the car. On the top is going to be a  2 liter EcoBoost drivetrain which will be capable of delivering 270 lb-ft of torque and 250 horsepower. The makers don’t plan on bringing the diesel variant.

2019 Ford Escape Release Date And Cost

The cost and the release date of this hunky vehicle have not yet been declared. At this time all one can do is to speculate the cost of the car on the basis of the value of the previous version, the cost of the 2019 Ford Escape is going to be around twenty-five thousand dollars. The car can be expected to be brought into the market by the end of the next year.

As of now, not much can be said and it is difficult to make a conclusion about this vehicle. It does not seem that the car will be getting any major changes and will be a lot like its predecessors in many aspects. All we will see are few subtle changes here and there. There is a lot of competition in this segment and it will be quite interesting to see how the car performs in the market. Everything looks great on this car other than its dashboard design which looks a bit outdated. All things said the 2019 Ford Escape will definitely overpower its flaws with its strong point and will prove to be a great choice for customers looking for a compact SUV and will give its competitors a tough competition.

2019 Ford Escape Photo Gallery :

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