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You have a young one that either sits in the back seat of your car or in the passenger seat and you want to make sure they’re OK, we can totally relate to that and when driving about, especially on longer journeys to visit family all over the UK we can’t think of anything better than a baby car mirror(s) to make sure we can keep an eye on our little one.

What is the best baby car mirror? There seems to be quite a few offerings from different baby and car related brands and we look in to these products to see what works for you.

We have reviewed two different types of baby car mirrors, one being a mirror you can fit on your windscreen or at the front of your car so that you can use it to view your child sat in the passenger seat, or to extend your rear view mirror view and be able to see directly at a mirror or a forward facing child on your rear seats.

You will also notice three full view mirrors which all fit to the headrests of your rear seats so that you can see your baby or child sat in rear facing seats.

If your child is sat in the rear within a rear facing seat you may still be able to use your rear view mirror already in the car and don’t have to get a 2nd mirror to put next to it. Before any purchases just check what you can see with your inbuilt rear view mirror already, if you can see the rear headrests and out the back of the vehicle safely you will be fine with just the baby car mirror for the headrests. You can use the simple windscreen or front mirror, like the streetwize to view your child in the front passenger seat.

The Royal Rascal is our favourite of the mirrors, being yellow means that your child may be inclined to look at it as well. Which means when you’re checking your rear view mirror to see how they are, you can see their gorgeous little smile or sleepy face when they are sat in the back.

It is the same size and has similar fittings to the Onco and Streetwize rear seat baby mirrors but comes in a beautiful bright yellow.

The two windscreen rear view mirror extenders are perfect for extending your view of what is in the back of your car seat or to see your passenger seat by placing the mirror to the side of your windscreen. The mirror with a suction cup and clip mount is much more versatile but costs a little more, but if you don’t want any more distractions on your windscreen then you can choose to place it on your sun visor.

All are great baby car mirrors and whether you need one or a combination of two, they will easily do the job you need. Just make sure you check your headrest size and that you have headrests in the first place.

Rank   Buy Title Rating Price
    Check price @ Amazon Review of Onco Baby Car Mirror 4.8/5 £££
1   Check price @ Amazon Review of Royal Rascals Yellow Baby Car Mirror 4.9/5 £££
2   Check price @ Amazon Review of Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat Viewing 4.5/5 £
4   Check price @ Amazon Review of Streetwize SWBM2 Extra Large Child View Mirror 4.8/5 £
5   Check price @ Amazon Review of Summit Small Rear View Mirror 3.5/5 £

Review of Onco Baby Car Mirror

This is a review of the Onco Baby Car Seat Headrest Mirror which has been designed so that you can see your baby if they are in a rear facing baby seat on the back seats of your car.

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onco baby car mirror

You have a baby, check, it’s in a rear facing baby seat, check, you want to be able to see your little one, well, you need a mirror or two to make that happen. In this review we look at the Onco Baby Car Mirror.

This is a large mirror, roughly about the same size as most headrests of which it fits to. So make sure you have headrests on your rear seats for this baby mirror to work.

First we’ll look at the headrest mounts and how it straps in place, with which you’ll see, this Onco will fit most headrests out there and if it doesn’t we’d be very surprised.

If you have a solid headrest or not, as long as you have a headrest, you should be fine with the Onco mirror. As you can see, it straps in in a number of different ways ensuring that it gets a solid fitting and won’t come off. The last thing you want on bumpy roads is for the mirror to be thrown at your child when driving along.

It only takes a few seconds to fit in place, just clip and then tighten the webbing straps so that it is secure. Just make sure to place it on to the headrest for the seat your baby and child is sat in, this way you can link it up with another mirror on your front windscreen or just use your current rear view mirror to see your child in the back.

From there you can sit in the front as you would be when driving, and get someone to position the mirror on its pivot so that it is in the correct position, looking and facing your child as they sit in their rear facing child seat.

The straps fit in to a plats which sits on your rear passenger headrest and holds it tight in place. On the plate you have a pivot which allows you to move the mirror in to the correct position you need. If you have a big rear view mirror on your windscreen, you might get away with being able to see this baby mirror in the back as its sat on your headrest.

You get a really nice wide view of your child, there is no zoom on this, so you’ll see their full body in the view which is great. You can choose to have a landscape or portrait view of your baby as this mirror can be spun 360degrees on its tilting mechanism ball you see in the above picture.Pros

  • Quick to fit
  • Gives full view of baby in their rear facing seat
  • Very cheap
  • Can choose which position to put the mirror on
  • Doesn’t wobble on bumpy roads


  • Straps can come loose so just make sure when you first fit it, you do it tightly and you wont have to do it again
  • No buckle or quick release if you want to move the mirror out as you have full sized kids or adults riding in the back and need the headrest for their head


A great car baby mirror, maybe the best for rear facing seats. It’s very simple and you can see the full view of your child. The mirror is good to look at, it’s sharp and you get a clear view of your child, head to toe.

Takes a minute to fit, but once in place it should be solid. Just make sure to tighten it as much as you can, as ours wasn’t that tight at first and it moved around a bit when driving.

Review of Royal Rascals Yellow Baby Car Mirror

This is a review of the Royal Rascals Yellow Car Baby Mirror designed to fit to a headrest on your back seats and used to see your child from the driving seat.

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royal rascals baby car mirror

Technical DetailsPortableYesSelf InflatingNoFits 3 DoorYesFits 5 DoorYesRating4.9/5Price£££WarrantyNoVehiclecarBrandRoyal RascalsNumber of seats1 seatsSeat Positionrearpassenger seatDimensions24 x 17 cmWeight299 gSizesingleWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

Why is this baby car mirror made in a yellow trim? Well apparently, it draws our attention more naturally so that means it is safer to view your child on the back seat in a rear facing seat because we know where to look.

We didn’t seem to have any problems with the Onco when we tested that baby mirror but maybe there is some proof in their pudding?

So here it is, in all its glory, the Royal Rascal Yellow Baby Car Mirror. As you can see your child would be in the back seat in a rear facing baby chair and you can use your rear view mirror on your windscreen to be able to view the new mirror you fit on the headrests in the back passenger seats.

This is a 100% shatterproof mirror, which means in case of any accidents you wont have the mirror making any more damage. This is great for peace of mind, especially when your child is involved with a new product in your car.

Fitting this device is similar to the others, you will need a headrest on your rear seats for it to work, but its very simple if you have these. Wrap the webbing around the headrest and clip in to the opposite buckle.

From there you just position the mirror as you need it, again, like hte others we have tested and you’re ready to go. We found this whole process very easy and you should too!

It is built exactly the same way and fitted the same as the Onco, so comparing these two they are both pretty much identical, including their mirror size and movement and how they’re fitted.

Just like the Onco it depends on your headrests as to how well the mirror should fit, most will fit perfectly but you may have a headrest that isn’t the right shape or is too narrow for a really secure fitting.Pros

  • Bright yellow so can be seen with ease
  • Easy to fit and position to see your childs face for driving
  • Great price
  • Next day delivery


  • Cant see your child at night or when its dark as there are no lights, like the Onco


A solid offering from Royal Rascals, this baby mirror for your car is easy to fit and does a great job of showing you your child when you are driving. It does its job well, some people may struggle with their headrests though if they are too narrow or thin.

Review of Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat Viewing

This is a review of the Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat Viewing

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niceEshop Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat

Technical DetailsPortableYesRating4.5/5Price£WarrantyNoBrandniceEshopCategorybabyNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions11.4 x 7.9 x 5.3 cmWeight68 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

Made of a high quality shatter resistant polymer plastic and weighing a mere 68 grams this is quite the light weight robust little mirror. 

What I really like about this mirror is the wide angle. To keep an eye on young travellers I’d say you could view up to 2 back seat passengers with it and definitely keep an eye on your baby in their carry seat with confidence. You can adjust the mirror as well providing an even further range of view. 

The mirror comes with option to apply with either a suction cup to the window or a clip to attach to a sun visor either way it does what it says on the tin.. Personally with this model I quite liked the ability to use on the passenger sun visor the clip is large, strong and you have no concern of it falling off or leaving any suction marks on the windscreen. Pros

  • Great value
  • Wide angle view
  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight
  • Compact


This is a large view but very light weight rear view mirror. With two applible options to keep an eye on your happy travelling munchkin in the back. 

Review of Streetwize SWBM2 Extra Large Child View Mirror

This is a review of the Streetwize SWBM2 Extra Large Child View Mirror

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Streetwize SWBM2 Extra Large Child View Mirror

Technical DetailsPortableYesRating4.8/5Price£WarrantyNoBrandStreetwizeDimensions29.8 x 23.4 x 9.2 cmWeight272 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

The mirror is made of quite a cheap plastic and this is reflected in the value for money price. The mirror uses straps to  be easily attached to the rear head rest. For you to view your child or baby on the backseat you will need to apply the mirror the back right seat and this will allow you to view your little one in their child seat. Although the mirror is large it is not large enough to view more than one child on the back seat. 

What I was quite disappointed about was the colour seemed in the photo to be a pink/cream frame however it arrived black. Pros

  • Good clear view
  • Easy to attach
  • No suction cups
  • Cheap and good value


  • Not big enough to be able to view two children at the same time
  • Frame colour may not be the same as product that arrives

Review of Summit Small Rear View Mirror

This is a review of the Summit Small Rear View Mirror

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Summit Small Rear View Mirror

Technical DetailsPortableYesRating3.5/5Price£WarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandSummitCategorybabyDimensions2.4 x 4.3 x 9.4 cmWeight118 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryNoStar rating

The Summit rear view mirror is very lightweight and easy to apply to your window. The suction cup does not like grease or dirt so make sure the windscreen is clean otherwise it will just slide off. Once you find the best place for it you need to press it down and then lock the lever into place. It is surprisingly strong once locked down. The mirror view can be pivoted but I would do this gently as I did find doing this with too much force does pull it off, the amount of pivot is limited in comparison to other mirrors available. 

For the price you pay for this rear view mirror you are not going to loose out, it is great value for money. It is portable and quite small in its size making it quite a discreet mirror to keep and eye on your younger back seat passengers. Pros

  • Small and lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Strong suction
  • Great value for money
  • Able to pivot the view


  • Need to take care adjusting the view
  • Quite small in size


A small, discreet and easy to apply rear mirror, there is limited rotation however what it lacks in this it makes up for in price and strong suction ability. 

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