2020 Ford Bronco Rumors, Features, Price (Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

With The Throwback 2020 Ford Bronco, Company Hopes To Take On The Giant Wrangler

The demand for trucks and SUVs in America is increasing day by day. The customers are constantly looking for new and improved SUVs and trucks. Therefore, for a company like Ford, it only makes sense that it improves and increases its range and lineup. Keeping this trend and market demand in mind, at the recent Detroit Auto Show, the company made the official announcement of the launch of two of its new vehicles, The Ranger and the Bronco. While the Ranger will hit the markets in 2019, Ford Bronco would be available for sale in 2020.

As far as the 2020 Ford Bronco is concerned, the company is keeping this vehicle under wraps and not many details about the same have been revealed about the same. However, we have managed to collect some inside information about the vehicle, and get a look at some of the spy shots of the same. Based on this information, we can tell you exactly what you can and you should expect from the 2020 Ford Bronco.

Ford Bronco Vs Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is the undisputed market leader, with over 200000 units selling every year. To be able to give tough competition to this vehicle, Ford Bronco will have to indeed offer something very unique and special. As far as the looks are concerned, not much is known about the looks of the Bronco, however, it is believed Bronco would not have the lame crossover looks of Ford Everest, although the two might share the same platform. Below are some  points on the basis of which, Bronco can hope to give Wrangler a run for its money:

  • The name Bronco has been around for a much longer time than Wrangler and therefore, the heritage and goodwill that Bronco has with the customers is higher than the Wrangler. The new 2020 Ford Bronco can try to capitalize on this heritage and get an edge over the very successful Wrangler.
  • The Wrangler has retained the styling of its front end design formula since 1941, and this is something which has clicked with many customers. Keeping this in mind, Ford Bronco is also planning on reusing its classic vertical grill slots, which will be flanked by round headlights. The company is hoping that this will bring back memories of the old Bronco for the customers, and help in connecting with them emotionally, just like the Wrangler.
  • 75% of the total sales of the Wrangler are those of four doors, and therefore, the 2020 Ford Bronco will also be a four door model.
  • Keeping its past tradition, Bronco will continue to offer its customers the option to go for either a soft top or a hard top. This is one of the biggest selling points of the Ford Bronco over the Wrangler.
  • The Wrangler is not just good, but excellent in off road conditions, and this makes it the primary choice of most of the customers. To be able to compete with Wrangler, Ford Bronco has decided to offer body on frame. This will improve the mod ability, durability as well as the off road driving capabilities of the vehicle, giving it a chance to actually compete with the Wrangler.

It will not be easy to defeat the giant Jeep Wrangler, however, 2020 Ford Bronco is going to come out with full guns blazing, and hoping to overturn the Wrnagler, something that has not happened in the past many decades.

Some of the top features of the 2020 Ford Bronco to look out for are as follows:

  • The company has dismissed all the rumors surrounding Ford Bronco and made it very clear that the designing of this new vehicle is going to be completely unique and it will not be a reworked version of the Ford Everest.
  • In comparison to the original Bronco, the size of the 2020 Ford Bronco will be slightly smaller.
  • As far as the engine and the transmission of the new vehicle are concerned, they will be the same as those of the Ranger, since the two vehicles will share the same platform.
  • A 2.7 liter Ecoboost, V6 twin turbo engine will be available in this vehicle. This is the same engine that is present in Fusion Sport and 2018 F-150.
  • In order to give stiff competition to the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, a separate off road version of 2020 Ford Bronco will be made available to the customers.
  • The front and rear axles of the vehicles are going to be extremely solid.

The company is trying very hard to ensure that this throwback version of Bronco is a huge success, however, from the looks of the same, it appears to be a very niche model, and that may just not work for the company.


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