Best Car Glass Cleaner and Anti Fog Products

meguairs car glass cleaner

Table of Contents

  1. You Have A Moisture Problem On Your Car’s Windows
  2. How Have We Applied The Car Glass Cleaner
  3. Table of best car glass cleaners
  4. Review of Meguiars Car Glass Cleaner Perfect Clarity
  5. Rain X Rain Repellent Car Window Cleaner
  6. Review of Autogym Car Glass Polish & Fast Glass
  7. Review of Astonish Anti Fog Car Glass Cleaner

Looking at keeping the glass of your car clean as well as the other parts of your car’s interior and exterior? We have reviewed 5 o the best car glass cleaners and rain repellent products which help keep your car’s glass clean even longer.

We have 5 sprays, creams and solutions that we have tested on our car in the UK where it rains a lot and we’re continually getting dirt and bird droppings all over our cars windows. We park our car under a tree so it gets plenty of bird poo on it, so even if we didn’t always clean our car, either because we don’t have the time or other things getting in the way, we need to keep cleaning our car windows as a priority.

The best thing for us because of the bird poo and other dirt is to wash the car glass each week as the windscreen wipers wont do a full job, especially if it’s been on there more than a day and dried out. If you are the same, or you have problems with condensation and moisture in your car, we might have the product you need.

You Have A Moisture Problem On Your Cars Windows

If you have a moisture problem in your car and are after something to help with de-misting your cars windows, maybe you need a car dehumidifier, Pingi do a really well reviewed product which helps de-mist your car. It’s a simple product, just keep it on your cars dash, below the section of glass you want to de-mist and this should help.

How Have We Applied The Car Glass Cleaner

We have done each product test using a strong white paper towel and then wiped off any excess using a fresh, dry piece of paper towel. The paper we have chosen is strong kitchen towel paper. Each test has been the exact same, the windows have been dry, it’s been a sunny day and there have been a few days build up of bird muck and dust from the road. We simply spray or pour on some of the car glass cleaner, wipe off with the first bit of kitchen towel then wipe off any excess with a new, dry piece of paper towel.

We have gone with the strongest kitchen towel we could find as it won’t leave any little bits behind and will absorb the glass cleaner perfectly which helps with streaks, you shouldn’t be left with any streaks or little bits of damp paper, which can happen. We have also seen people on youtube videos using yesterdays paper and the results from the how-to videos have looked great as well.

What About Microfibre and Other Cloths

We did do a quick test with a microfibre cloth which we used when we did the best car polish review and we don’t know if it was the cloth or not, but we just didn’t get the same results, the cloth would not absorb the spray and glass cleaner as well as the paper towel and this would leave streaks, which is exactly what we didn’t want. For other cleaning jobs on the car, a microfibre towel is brilliant, small, holds well in the hand, but not for glass or our tests.

Hands down, the best car glass cleaner goes to Meguiar Perfect Clarity, it comes in spray form, just spray inside or outside of your glass, wipe it off, clear the excess and it made really easy work of bird muck, dirt, resin, you name it. We actually hadn’t used our windscreen wipers for a while, we had dry rain streaks on the front of our windscreen and it cleared the whole thing up, inside and out looked brilliant and we were thoroughly impressed, a great alternative to Autoglym.

We have put the RainX as 2nd because although it doesn’t clean per se, it does make the job of cleaning your cars glass easier because what it does is keep the rain, dirt, and other things off of your car for longer.

The Autoglym products we have placed 2nd and 3rd as they do clean glass really well, one more than the other in this instance, the Glass Polish was more thorough, but the Fast Glass is still perfectly suited to indoor glass and even using around the home and on mirrors.

Finally, the Astonish, we were not Astonished you might say. It did clean the glass well, but it did not come through with it’s anti-fog properties, that would be better handled by a car dehumidifier and another product. Maybe the use of the Meguiar Glass Cleaner and a de-misting block that you can place on your cars dash.

Review of Meguiars Car Glass Cleaner Perfect Clarity

meguairs car glass cleaner

Welcome to our review of Meguiars Car Glass Cleaner Perfect Clarity. First here are some of the products offerings:

  • Anti-mist formula for durable clear sight
  • Removes insect residues, resin, bird droppings, etc.
  • Safe to use on all foil-coated windows
  • Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner Spray 473ml

Just like the Astonish we have also reviewed, this offers an anti mist formula so that if you have some moisture in your vehicle this should help wick that away and keep your glass clear of condensation build up.

It is great at removing insect residue, resin, bird droppings and more. We are especially looking forward to using this product for this exact offering, we park our car under a tree and continually get bird poo, droppings, resin from the tree on our car windows.

Applying Meguiars Car Glass Clear

As we have with the others (minus RainX), we have applied using the same method for all. Spray thoroughly on the outside and inside of the glass, then wipe off with a strong kitchen paper towel and then remove any excess cleaner with a fresh paper towel.

We used this car glass cleaner on the inside and out of our cars glass and it worked tremendously well.

What we really liked about it is the ease of cleaning off some really thick, dry bird poo. It really did come off super easily and only after a couple of wipes and a small spray of the bottle.

It was super easy to clean our windows and left no streaks, even after wiping through bird droppings. We think this is because we used two separate cleaning paper towels, one with the spray on and one after to remove any excess, the first wipe did most of the cleaning.

We have been left with really clean and clear glass windows and side mirrors on our car, we’re very happy with this product.


  • Gets through thicker grime, bird poo, resin from trees and other muck without hassle
  • Some other cleaners only make the window clear, this solution really made it easy work to clean the window off and also looked great afterwards
  • Leaves a really nice smell after you’ve finished cleaning, this is good if you are cleaning the inside of your windows as well because you’ll have the smell on the inside of your car


  • Not as cheaper as some others but it cleans tough muck off and leaves the glass looking crystal clear.

Video review


Probably one of the best all round glass cleaners we have tried, does the hard stuff and doesn’t leave any marks or streaks too.

We are really impressed with it, we have to use it every week though because we park under a tree, but you get a big bottle and it should last some months before we need to buy another.

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Meguiar's G8216EU Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner 473ml

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Rain X Rain Repellent Car Window Cleaner

Fancy improving not just how clean your cars windows are but how clean they stay when it rains? With Rain X rain repellent you could improve the visibility through your cars front windscreen by applying this product to your cars glass.

rain x rain repellent for car windscreen

What is Rain X? It’s a product you can wipe on to your cars windows and it will help improve visibility in wet weather conditions.

The application of it is different to a car glass cleaner, you buff then solution in on to your cars glass in a circular motion and then let it dry. Then buff off with a clean, dry cloth and you will have then created a hydrophobic layer on your cars glass that helps repel water, bugs, dirt and even ice and snow too.

Review of Rain X Rain Repellent

Our review is mostly good, actually, it’s a very good product. We applied it just like the instructions and guide told us how, we’ve mentioned that above (we didnt use paper towel). We used the Rain X on all of our cars glass, including the side mirrors and front head lights.

It took all of 20 minutes to apply, let it dry off and then buff each window and before we applied it we made sure that the windows were already cleaned, we just used another product we were testing to sort this first step of the instructions out.

After we had finished, we filled up a watering can and played around with pouring water all over our car, oh what children we are. We were just very excited to see what this hydrophobic layer did to our cars glass and whether it would help.

On first inspection, it was really really good. Not only were our cars glass crystal clean, when we had poured the water over the glass it would run down and not leave a single trace it had been there, it also seemed to move quicker, maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but it seemed like it did. We are thoroughly impressed with it, now it’s time to wait for the rains to arrive and to have a quick drive about.

Field Test of Rain X Rain Repellent

We waited a few days and eventually it rained, we went for a long hour drive out to a beach we like to walk our dog down the coast. As it rained and we drove through it, it was as good as it was the day we applied the rain-x, we were still very impressed.

On our return home, with just short of an hours drive being undertaken the front windscreen started to make a noise when the wipers were used, so this was all the time. When we got back, there seem to be some streaks on the front windscreen as well, which meant that the front glass was not as clear as when we had left.

We had driven before in the rain after using other car glass cleaning products and this hadn’t happened so we are led to believe that it was the rain x that created this.Back to top

Summary of Rain X

What we recommend and what we have learned about rain x and similar rain repellent products are that they are great and they do their job, well, but a couple of things always pop up.

Some we have read in reviews online and some we have witnessed ourselves.

It seems that using windscreen wiper blades which aren’t brand new with rain x doesn’t work. Maybe brand new windscreen wipers do, but for us it doesn’t.

People have suggested that it may only last a few weeks, we have gone nearly 3 weeks and our side windows still show better visibility than before we applied it.

Using rain x on your side windows seems to thoroughly improve the visibility and because there aren’t wipers, it should last, unlike the front windscreen of your car.

This is where Rain X really shines and works, at some T junctions, when it was raining, I could not see out of my side windows at all, luckily with electric windows I could drop them for the time I was sat at the junction, but this is dangerous and takes my eyes off of the road and what is happening. Secondly, with having clear and visible side windows, I can now see in my rear view mirror when it is pouring down too.

These are 2 things I didnt even think of improving, yet Rain x has done just that, I thought it would be great to see out the front better, but we have decent windscreen wipers and we keep our glass clean, it doesn’t actually need much more, the wipers do their job very well.

  • Drastically improved visibility of side windows on the car, this has helped tremendously whilst at T junctions and it’s pouring down. I haven’t seen anyone else mention this online and this is a big improvement for me
  • It’s easy to apply
  • Doesn’t cost much for what it does
  • Could be lasting longer

Video Review


Do you need a rain repellent? If we had just tested the front car windscreen, we would probably give it a miss as it didn’t help us all that much, it looks like others have had great success though.
Where it did help was with the side windows and rearview mirrors on the side of the car. I can now see, no matter how much its raining what is happening when im at a T junction and I no longer need to open the windows to get a safe view of the road.

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2 x rain x Rain Repellent 200ml Vehicle Window Cleaner Glass Cleaner...

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Review of Autogym Car Glass Polish & Fast Glass

This is a review of both the Autoglym Car Glass Polish and Fast Glass spray. We are reviewing both in one article because after testing, we have realised, although they do slightly different things, they work perfectly together.


What is the difference between Autoglym Fast Glass and Car Glass Polish?

Autoglym Fast Glass is better suited to the inside of your car, to clean and polish the interior glass, glass that should already be relatively clean, compared to the outside that is. It comes in spray form and after testing we realised it doesn’t cut through bird droppings, resin or dirt as well as the Autoglym Car Glass Polish. Though it still did a great job of making the windows look crystal clear and remove finger marks and other things easy enough.

Autoglym Car Glass Polish is more like the Meguliar glass cleaner we tested, it is thorough and gets through dirt, much, bird poo and more without any problems. That is why we recommend it’s use outside of your car windows where you will see more muck.

Now you know, lets look at the in more details individually.

After applying this polish in the same fashion as we have the others, we were pretty impressed. We used this both on the outside and inside of the car glass to see how well it would work and also hold up after a few days use, with it raining, and use of wiper blades.

Because we get a lot of bird muck on our cars windows, it had a tough test ahead of it and it was one it struggled with. It did leave streaks on the window and this was using quite a bit of spray, we knew it wouldn’t do too well after reviewing the online reviews we had read about the product.

On the inside though, it applied well, cleaned off easy enough and was really easy to use. We were quite happy with the results and it looked like the inside had been cleaned thoroughly. We later used the Autoglym Car Glass Polosh to finish off the job on the outside, but once we did the whole glass looked crystal clear.

The Autoglym Car Glass Polish is definitely better suited to dirtier car glass, it was used after the Fast Glass to finish off its job on the outside and would also suit being used on the inside too. On Amazon UK at the moment the Fast Glass is slightly more expensive, but you do get more (500ml compared to 325ml) in the bottle. We would though recommend you either get both and use one for the inside and one for the outside or you just stick to the Car Glass Polish if you are constantly getting dirty windows.

  • Both do a job very well and there are definitely more expensive solutions out there.
  • Easy to apply and remove any excess
  • Leave the cars glass crystal clear, if you dont have very dirty windows, even the Fast Glass will clean the inside and out well
  • The Fast Glass struggled a bit with our extremely dirty car windows, we had leaves, bird droppings and more on them

Video review


Both are good products, and we would place the Autoglym Car Glass Polish as the better of the two. It will cut through most muck and leave your windows lovely and clean.

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Autoglym Fast Glass, 500ml

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Review of Astonish Anti Fog Car Glass Cleaner

This is a review of Astonish car glass cleaner, not just a car window cleaner but also helps with anti fog, we test it out to see how it does.

astonish glass car window cleaner with anti fog

Welcome to our review of the Astonish Anti Fog Glass Cleaner, we are testing this product to see if it first of all does what it says on the tin, and that is, to stop fog building up on the inside of our cars windscreen and secondly to see if it also cleans the car glass well, compared to other products out there.

So the product details are as follows:

  • Anti-fog glass cleaner
  • Cleans and polishes all glass and windows
  • Non-smear, crystal clear finish
  • Simple spray on and wipe off formula
  • 750ml bottle

As well as being a car glass cleaner, it’s an anti-fog spray too, so if you have condensation building up in your car, this will hopefully help prevent that problem from happening.

It’s a car glass cleaner and window polisher too, which is great, this is really what we are testing for, apparently non smear and will leave a crystal clear finish.

This review is based on a 750ml bottle of Astonish anti fog glass cleaner and we’ve used the same application as we have with all the other car glass cleaner products and used strong kitchen towels to wipe the spray around and then a clean paper towel to wipe it off.

Review of The Astonish Anti Fog Glass Cleaner

First of all, the anti fog, we drive around for little adventures and we sometimes really need anti fog in our car, we go diving, surfing and swimming all the time in open water. This means when we drive back home with wet gear in our car, we always get problems with condensation building up on our windscreens and door windows of our car. We really need something to help with the anti fog.

As well as testing just glass cleaner, we have gone for the anti fog to see if it can help us, afraid to say, it didn’t.

We were very let down by this product, it’s a very good price, one of the cheapest car glass cleaner products we have tested and we thought with anti fog as well, it would be to good to be true, which it was.

When thoroughly cleaned all windows, inside and out on our car and then went for a hike with our dog, we got properly soaked and placed our jackets on the back seat and our wet dog in our boot. We drove for a few minutes with the heating on as it wasn’t the warmest and we immediately got condensation on all of our interior windows of the car.

This might be because we had wet jackets and a wet dog, in a small car and we didn’t give the heating time to clear some of the condensation and mist but it seems that this de-mister by Astonish did not really help, if at all.

As A Car Glass Cleaner

As a car glass cleaner, it was pretty damn good, especially considering the price. We used the same technique as we did for the others, sprayed on to the interior and exterior of our cars glass, then wiped off with strong thick kitchen paper towel and then used another dry paper towel for any excess.

We were not left with any streaks and this product managed to get bird poo off successfully on the outside and made all of the glass look brand new.


  • Great price, one of the cheapest car glass cleaners we have tested
  • It is a good car glass cleaner, your cars windows will shine and look much clearer after using this product


  • It’s an anti-fog product as well as a glass cleaner, that is great, but for us, it didn’t seem to work. It might work for you if you aren’t hauling any wet items in your car which builds up the moisture, but for us, it did not.


We are sort of happy with this product, more let down by that the anti fog did not work, we wouldn’t like to rely on it if we had our wetsuits in the car as well, especially after a surf and they’d be soaked, this product would just not help.

You would have to drive around with heaters on the front windscreen and your windows slightly open to let the moisture out.

As a glass cleaner, it worked well, was easy to apply and remove, left no streaks for us and the glass looked crystal clear.Frequently Asked Questions

Rain Repellant On Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Do not use any form of rain repellent on a motorcycle helmet visor, first of, they never use glass for the visor and most glass cleaners and rain repellant products do not work well on plastic, at all.

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Astonish C1531 750ml Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner

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