DJC Touchtab 6 8″ Android Tablet for Car Navigation

We’re reviewing this sub £100 8″ DJC Touchtab to see if it is suitable as a replacement for car navigation and as an android car stereo.


Two things that really impress us off the bat with this DJC Touchtab 8″ tablet is that it has an IPS screen, they are simply the best you can get, the screens contrast will be better and everything on them looks better with their colour correction.

The 2nd thing we are impressed with is that this tablet is 4G ready, now you may not want to put a sim in the tablet but if you ever do, you have the latest technology available at your hands and you can turn this offline android car navigation device in to an internet ready, more smarter car gps, music playing, tool. If you do wish to put a sim card in, you will require a full, normal size sim, not a micro, it takes two normal sized sim cards, so it’s dual sim too.

You also get GPS built in, which most devices do now as standard but this means that you can use any Android mapping software or app straight out of the box. We highly recommend for it’s offline mapping, just make sure you download the area and the maps you require using wifi before you set up in the car.

djc touchtab 6 8" tablet car android navigation


As well as the IPS display, the resolution is one of the best we have reviewed for an 8″ tablet, 1200 x 800 pixels means that you are getting better than HD and it will make everything much clearer. This is great, especially if you are stopped off somewhere on the side of the road or a motorway services and you want to watch something or even do some work online, it just opens up more options to you with it’s better display.

Using The DJC Touchtab 6 8″ Tablet In Your Car

This has been a great little tablet straight out of the box, but how would it work in your car, answering calls, playing music and navigating you on your latest adventure?

We didn’t install this tablet fully in to our car and replaced the original stereo unit. So we missed out on a few extras you would get from that, no sound to our car speakers, a wire would dangle from the tablet to the charger and a few other things but we still tested it we would have anyway.

As soon as we put it in the car we noticed our first problem, luckily it wasn’t one of many. It was a really bright day and we couldn’t see the screen that well. We had put the brightness up, we tried everything and we couldn’t really do much about it. It didn’t end the testing though, the device was plugged in to the car charger and was sat in a secure tablet holder and we found as we drove, the light would move anyway and it was only for a few seconds at a time that we had the problem.

Does It Work As An Android Car Stereo

It works very very well, even without the sim card and no data allowance, I could connect a sd card in to the side and improve the storage space from 8gb (actually 4gb) to 16gb, 32gb etc. This is more than enough for thousands of songs and what is even better are audio podcasts and audio books. Something you just can’t do with a normal stereo, we downloaded a few in the home, put them on the SD card and then managed to play great podcasts and audio books whilst we were out driving. This is the real advantage of an Android device being the main hub of your car.

What About As An Android Car Navigational Tool

We are fortunate that we are used to using Android devices, mainly phones as our go-to navigation tool when driving about and we’ve never had any real issues with Google Maps. With this tablet, because it’s on Android 5.1 you can download Android Auto which will enhance your phones user experience just for driving, we have written more about it up top.

As well as google maps, you can use which is actually our favourite, all round offline mapping software. It recently got a big improvement regards driving about and navigation on the roads in the last few months too. We write about many more up top too.

The biggest problem with this android which we briefly mentioned above, is the storage space, it’s another sub £100 tablet and we believe can be a really great android car device, but you will have to upgrade that microSD as soon as you purchase it. Then you can have more apps, more maps for your navigation and GPS and more music to play whilst driving about.


Pros & Cons

  • 4G ready and has GPS so you are good to go if you want to run the tablet both online or solely offline
  • Amazing better than HD screen, real good clarity and sharpness
  • Android 5.1 so you can use Android Auto and the latest apps on the Android market place
  • Screen isn’t too good with direct sunlight on it

Conclusion & where to buy

A great contender for use in your car as an android navigational tool and car stereo. Not a big brand name but the price does not reflect that and you get something which can do each of the things your car already can and more.


Update 2022: While this particular tablet might not be available anymore, we do recommend the tablet below.

Fire HD 8 Tablet, 8" HD display, 32 GB, Black - with Ads, designed for portable entertainment


22 x 16.5 x 8.2 cm

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