Huawei 7″ Mediapad Tablet for Android Car Stereo

This is a review of a Huawei 7inch Mediapad Tablet to be used as an android car stereo. It’s a not so expensive but still powerful tablet that you could DIY your own android car stereo head unit with.


This Huawei MediaPad gets good reviews all round, but is it a good enough Android tablet for a DIY android car stereo?

It costs less than £100 for a branded Android tablet, which is a good start, you can find them cheaper but if you are going to use it in your cars display as a replacement for your current car radio, you may not want to spend too much.

A couple of downsides we have noticed are that it isn’t light, compared to it’s size, we own a 10″ tablet that weighs just under 500g so this is pretty hefty but this is not a problem if you are going to use it for your cars stereo and navigational purposes. Once it’s fitted in, you won’t have any problems with this at all as all you will be seeing is the screen,

As well as it’s weight, it only comes with Android 4.4 KitKat, which is a bit of a problem if you are specifically wanting to use Android Auto, this is an app but turns most of your features that you would use in a car, navigation, phone, audio etc in to a more user friendly experience, you won’t be able to utilise this with this tablet.

huawei mediapad 7 inch tablet car stereo android


Once installed as an android stereo and navigation system, the Huawei has one major benefit over most other android tablets we have tested and reviewed specifically to be used as a multi smart device in your car, that is, it’s screen.

If you get the 8inch Huawei Mediapad you get an amazing view from anywhere you look, left, right, up down, doesn’t matter what angle you are at, you should be able to see the screen. So if you have a big car and the android is set off slightly away from the middle, away from the drivers seat, you should easily still be able to see what is on screen, even in bright conditions.

This is only for the 8″ version of the tablet, you must check what size will fit first before looking in to purchasing an Android tablet as your cars stereo.

Pros & Cons

  • Android interface, so you have that look and feel you know
  • Can use it to install many different apps, from mapping and navigation through to audio and music
  • You can sync your phone via bluetooth to the tablet
  • Doesn’t use one of the latest Androids, uses 4.4 Kitkat so some apps may not work

Conclusion & where to buy

A great option to have for making your own car stereo unit with an android tablet. It costs less than £100, the screen on the 8inch tablet is incredible and even though it’s heavy, which you won’t ever have to worry about feels great to touch and will give you many many more options over a none android, normal car stereo option.


HUAWEI MediaPad T3 7 Wifi Case, Jhxtech Armor Style Hybrid PC + TPU Protective Case with Stand for Huawei MediaPad T3 WiFi 179mm 7.0 Inch Tablet Cover Protection (black)


10.7 x 107 x 19.2 cm

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