Dog Spotted Driving on Slovak Road, Exceeds Speed Limit in Village

According to the Slovak police’s Facebook post, the police officers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw a dog behind the wheel of Skoda in a radar photo.

To make matters more curious, the mentioned car exceeded the allowed speed in the village of Šterusy near Piešťany by 11 kilometers per hour.

Dog driving

The 31-year-old driver from the Piešťany district subsequently told the police that the dog suddenly jumped into his lap juuuuust as he was targeted by the police radar.

However, the police reviewed the entire recording and did not record any sudden movement in the car.

According to the police, “a ticket was issued to the driver for violating traffic regulations,” stated the Slovak police on their Facebook page on Friday, without specifying how much the driver paid for speeding and for the dog sitting on his lap.

The police have urged all drivers to properly secure animals in the car. “Even a small animal can endanger your life and health while driving,” the police warned. 

Dog driving 2

Image source: Slovenska policia/Facebook

Martin Shaw
Martin Shaw

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