Porsche 911: The Last Roaring Symphony of the Combustion Era?

In the grand chessboard of the automotive industry, the game is rapidly changing. The world is moving towards electric vehicles (EVs), and Porsche, the grandmaster of high-performance vehicles, is making a strategic move with its iconic 911 model. The German automaker is vowing to keep the 911’s combustion engine alive for as long as possible, making it the last knight in Porsche’s petrol-powered kingdom.

Porsche is not sitting on the sidelines of the electric revolution. The company is already plotting its course towards an electrified future, with an ambitious target for 80% of its sales to be battery-powered vehicles by 2030. The first move in this electric gambit will see the compact SUV Macan model transition to electric, followed by the 718 sports car, and then the best-selling Cayenne. However, the 911, which accounted for a solid 13% of Porsche’s total global sales in 2022, will stand as a defiant exception.

The decision to keep the 911’s combustion engine alive isn’t just about preserving the thrill of a roaring engine. Porsche is also investing heavily in e-fuels, a synthetic, greener version of petrol. The company has invested $75m in a test refinery in Chile, which produces e-fuel using hydrogen and green energy. This e-fuel emits 90% less CO2 than traditional petrol, offering a cleaner, greener alternative to conventional fuels.

However, the production of e-fuels is currently in its infancy, and the high cost means it’s likely to be reserved for the most exclusive, high-end models. Despite this, Porsche remains committed to its e-fuel strategy, viewing it as a separate move from its EV gambit.

While the 911 continues to hold its ground with its combustion engine, Porsche is also facing a challenge in the form of supply-chain issues that are hampering the production of its electric vehicles. The company’s CEO, Oliver Blume, has acknowledged these challenges, stating that they have to be very flexible due to constant supply chain issues.

As the automotive industry races towards a greener future, Porsche’s commitment to the 911 stands as a powerful move in the enduring game of combustion engines. The iconic sports car, with its distinctive roar, will continue to hold a special place in Porsche’s lineup, even as the rest of the range transitions to the silent hum of electric power.

Martin Shaw
Martin Shaw

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