Riken Raptor HR

Riken Raptor HR 195/60-15 88H Grand Touring All-Season Tire Price: $83.20.

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The Riken Raptor HR features an all-season tread compound molded into a symmetric design. A continuous center rib is utilized for constant rubber-to-road contact, which aims to deliver solid on-center feel and steering response. Multiple lateral notches work in conjunction with four wide, circumferential grooves to move water away from the contact patch and resist hydroplaning. In-block sipes are included to provide the biting edges needed for all-season traction.


Riken Raptor HR has received good ratings for its performance in both wet and dry conditions. It has also been rated excellent for winter/snow performance. The tire’s design and technology aim to ensure reliable traction and handling across a variety of conditions.

Durability and Longevity

With regular rotation every 6 to 7 thousand miles, the Riken Raptor HR can offer reliable performance.


The Riken Raptor HR is designed with a focus on comfort. Its design aims to reduce road noise, potentially leading to a quieter ride. Furthermore, the tire’s internal structure is optimized to potentially reduce vibrations and enhance driving comfort.


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