Review of 9 Piece Sports Full Set Car Seat Covers

A sporty looking car seat cover set by xtremeauto in blue and black. This is a universal car seat cover set which is made to fit most cars, both front and back seats. In this review, we look at whether this car seat cover set is the right one for your cars interior.


If you want to improve the interior of the car, you will need a full car seat cover set and this could be the one for you. Made by xtremeauto, this set is blue and black and would suit most cars. It comes with 2 front seat covers and the entire back seat cover as well.


Fitting this car seat cover set is very easy and looks great when on the car seats. We found that it will not work with the rear seats with split car seats. It will only work if you have three back seats in a row. A downside though is that there weren’t any splits or holes in the back seat cover to fit seat belt clips for the middle seat. You would have to fashion your own to make them fit and for people to sit safely in the rear of the car.

As with other car seat cover sets, the front car seat covers for the passenger and drivers seats fit really well to most cars but the back seat cover proves difficult for larger vehicles.

Look and Feel of Material

It looks really great when you first get it out of its packaging but once fitted it doesn’t look as good as the picture. The material will probably take a fair bit of use but there are some areas where the cover will get more use when you are moving in and out of the car. With this, the covers may not last forever as the material is thin.

They are not waterproof which is a big negative but this material will definately help keep your seats in a better condition than without them.

xtremeauto car seat cover set blue


Pros & Cons

  • Quick to fit front seats
  • Look great in blue and black and will help keep grime, dust and dirt off of your seats
  • Really good price for the entire car set
  • Compatible with side airbags
  • Machine washable at 40c, if they do get dirty, you can just put them in the washing machine
  • Not waterproof
  • Rear seats dont fit larger cars
  • No hole or gap in the middle of the rear seat cover for the seat belt clip which is dangerous

Conclusion & where to buy

If you are after some cheaper seat covers for your entire car, these could be for you. They are hit and miss with fitting on the rear seats if you have a bigger car and the middle is missing a seat belt clip hole. For the price though, we are still quite impressed and only time will tell if they last for a long time.

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