Review of Heavy Duty Universal Waterproof Protector and Boot Liner

Here we review a heavy duty boot liner and rear seat protector. A very simple waterproof protector liner which is universal and should fit your boot, no matter how big or small it is. It’s made to protect whatever it has been placed on top of, either your boot or your rear car seats.

If you are looking for an affordable liner and protector of your boot to keep your dog from getting your car dirty, this could be for you. Our review looks further in to this product to see if its right for your car and your dog.



This boot liner comes with a red or blue trim, when receiving the item, it looked exactly like it does in the picture and is definitely big enough for the largest of boots out there.

The beauty of this car boot protector is that it can be used in your boot or on the back seat of your car. There are head rest straps which you can use from inside of your boot or your rear seats. These will hold the liner over the head rests and in place wherever you may need it.

The material used for this boot liner is waterproof, so you know that your boot or seats will be protected from the wettest of dog or anything else you wish to put on top of it in your car which is soaked through. It looks like it would hold up to water being poured on it for quite some time.

It’s such a simple accessory that this should last years to come. The only thing which may result in breaking are the straps which hold it over the head rest. Once it is layed down in your boot or back seats, that is it, it can be left there to keep that part of your car perfectly clean and dry.

If you are also looking for something to keep your boot clean whilst you move materials around or taking things to the tip, including bushes and other garden waste, this boot protector will more than suffice.

Pros & Cons

  • Very simple boot liner and protector so you just lay it out and it will help protect your interior
  • Waterproof, so even the worse of the muck and dirt will be kept off of your cars boot or rear seats
  • Very affordable, the cheapest of the boot liners we have reviewed
  • This is a very big boot protector so will fit any car, big or small
  • Headrest straps do not looks like they could be the strongest, only time will tell if they last and don’t snap

Conclusion & where to buy

Our second best boot liner protector we have reviewed, it is very affordable and waterproof too. The only downside is keeping it clean, it is washable and you can wipe it clean but things like dog hair easily get stuck to it.

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