Review of AA Travel Blanket

This is a review of the AA Travel Blanket


The AA are experts in safety and car maintenence when on the road. This little blanket designed by the AA is of a simple 100% polyester structure. It comes in a sealed plastic bag which the blanket is kept odourless and fresh. Once out of the bag, it does not come with any ties to roll it up any more compact than if you were to fold it and leave it on the back seat of your car.

AA Travel Blanket in Car


The AA travel blanket has a very subtle grey striped design, the edges are fairly well sewn and the blanket itself is machine washable. Great for making this blanket a general use car blanket: for passengers of any age, canine travellers, boot tidy, or protecting your car from muddy or wet clothing. As well as a being a blanket that would be a good adition to your winter car kit. It is not a very thick blanket but the blanket is dense and still manages to keep you warm. Its thickness allows you to wrap up in the blanket with your seat belt on the outside comfortably.

The fact that AA provide a travel blanket, I feel also enforces the handy nature of carrying a good, simple and effective blanket in your car for any journey.

Pros & Cons

  • Soft and warm
  • Clean subtle design
  • Next day delivery available with Amazon Prime
  • Machine washable
  • Not very thick
  • Only comes in one design and colour

Conclusion & where to buy

The AA travel blanket is subtle in nature, just thick enough to warm you back up. This to me is a blanket designed for safety and practicality.

AA Travel Fleece Blanket AA3423 - 100% Lightweight Polyester 150cm x 120cm Black White Grey Stripes

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as of June 1, 2024 12:45 pm


30.8 x 8.6 x15 cm rolled up, 120 x 150 centimetres unrolled



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