Review of Alpha Shield Key Protection Blocking Case

This is a review of the Alpha Shield Key Protection Blocking Case


The Alpha Shield Signal blocking case is a hard box made from aluminium. Although it is not convenient enough to just fit in your pocket it is small making it easy to stow in a specific “key” cupboard or in your glove box. It is also surprisingly lightweight, from the picture it looks quite heavy when infact it is only 15g.

Alpha Shield Key Protection Blocking

Shaped a little like a small sandwich box, its easy to clean and makes it robust against dropping. As an actual sealed case this should block the signal completely when the box is shut. It does recommend waiting at least 30 seconds before expecting the box to work. The case also is only limited to the makes of cars it will work on. Car key fobs that will not work on Ford, Jeep, Mazda and SEAT, information is a little misleading as in another sentence it says all cars makes are suitable.

The box could do with being bigger as if you have two car fobs they will not fit in this box together so you will need to buy another box and two of these boxes them makes this a slight inconvenience to stow. It also only can be used for car fobs and bank cards but not any phones which is a shame.

Pros & Cons

  • Hard case
  • Small and lightweight
  • Convenient shape
  • Easy to clean
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Won’t fit in your pocket
  • Not suitable for some makes and models of car fobs
  • Too small for some car fobs
  • Two boxes to accommodate both your main and spare keys takes up space
  • Not the cheapest available
  • Cannot fit a phone in

Conclusion & where to buy

The Alpha Shield box is small, compact and only works for a number of car fobs and unlike other security signal pouches we have reviewed, doesn’t work with smart phones.

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