Review of MONOJOY Car Key Signal Blocker Case

This is a review of the MONOJOY Car Key Signal Blocker Case


The MONOJOY Car Key Blocker is a fabric pouch made from 210D nylon that is strong, long-lasting and durable. The flap that goes over the seal the pouch is also a good size that helps to keep it firmly sealed even with a smart phone inside. There is a gold inner mesh and this is the part of the pouch that makes it a signal blocker and an excellent one at that, you can be in your car with it in this pouch and the key fob will not start your car.

MONOJOY Car Key Signal Blocker


This little case has the ability to block signal from your car fob, phone, WIFI, GPS. Keeping your data and belongings safe. It comes as a pack of two which allows you to keep both your main car fob and spare car key fob protected. The stitching is strong and the durable material means it can withstand being in a handbag of a busy active person or family household.

This car key signal blocker pouch is very similar to the Hyton Car Key Blocking Case which we have written about. The difference with this is that it costs slightly more at the time of writing, but is as good as security device.

Pros & Cons

  • Stylish design
  • Pack of two
  • Good size
  • Discourages phone use when not appropriate to use
  • Pocket size
  • Delivery delays
  • No choice of colour

Conclusion & where to buy

Durable, long-lasting signal blocker pouch by MONOJOY is an excellent addition for someone who loves their car dearly.

MONOJOY Faraday Pouch for Car Keys, Car Key Signal Blocker, 2 Pack Faraday Bag, RFID Key Pouch, Keyless Signal Blocking Key Case, Anti-theft Remote Entry Smart Fobs Protection (Black, Carbon fiber)

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20 x 10 cm



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