Review of Andes Explora Self Inflating Mattress

This is a review of the Andes Explora Self Inflating Mattress, a larger option for your car and travel needs. If you are on the tall side and looking at staying overnight in your car then this could be perfect for you.


The Andes Explora Self Inflating Mattress is a simple designed air bed originally made for camping. We review it for car camping in this post.

It comes in a little nylon bag a bit like a large umbrella pouch, it is incredibly small as mattress bags go, but it is quite heavy at around 4kg as well. Good thing it can be left in your car at all times and not needed to be carried anywhere.

Andes Explora Self Inflating Mattress

To inflate does not take much at all, this is a self inflating mattress and different to the others, so all you need to do is turn the inflation valve to open the valve and it will start to inflate to about 90% full and then you just need to add a few puffs of air to top it off. Whats great about this is there’s no wires, pumps or a need for a car to have a cigarette lighter. Just yourself and a little bit of air in your lungs to add the last bit to the mattress and your car bed is ready for you to sleep on.

Andes Explora Self Inflating Mattress Close Up

With dimensions of 195 cm long by 130 cm wide this is an excellent size double air bed, my 6ft1″ partner even has a little bit of extra length at the end of his feet when this is fully rolled out.

To make this work as a car air bed you need to either have a SUV, estate car, MPV, van or large sedan with which has foldable back seats for it to be laid out flat. As we do not have a SUV or very large car, we used it in the backseat by only using the self inflate and not topping it up, allowing it to bend into a “U” shape.Our back seats fold down but not entirely flat, so it was like we were laying in a hospital bed, but it was comfortable and would suffice for a night or two.

At 5cm thick it isn’t going to feel like your bed at home. However this did provide us with a cosy cocoon to sleep in for the night. The mattress has no ribbed parts and is not covered in a soft suede material. Rather, it has a water resistant polyester outer so putting a sheet between yourself and it would be more comfortable or using a sleeping bag.

Andes Explora Self Inflating Mattress



Pros & Cons

  • Simple design
  • Packs away very small
  • Easy to pack into bag or stow away in car
  • Self inflating
  • Three choices of colours
  • Fits two people
  • The biggest option out of the car air beds we have reviewed
  • No integrated head support or pillow
  • A little heavy
  • Not the strongest
  • Thin in size
  • Only suitable for occasional car use unless you have an SUV, mpv, estate or large van space

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a fantastic self inflating mattress but whether it will work in your vehicle depends on whether you have a large car or an SUV. On the plus side, it requires little effort to inflate and is easy to keep in the car for when it could be needed

Andes Explora 5cm Single Self Inflating Camping Mat/Mattress Black


195 x 130 x 5cm



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