Review of Zoiibuy Car Air Mattress

This is a review of the Zoiibuy Car Air Mattress which has been designed to fit in to a boot of a car with its seat folded flat. It’s almost a double size air bed and can provide a great night sleep if you are up for trying out some car camping.


The Zoiibuy SUV mattress is as it states designed to fit in the back of a pick up truck with the back seats down, an estate car, mpv or large saloon with flat back seats. It spreads out to a length of 180cm and a width of 130 cm so it is large for an air bed and should fit most people under 6foot tall.

The Zoiibuy SUV mattress requires you to fold down your back seats of your vehicle and with the electric pump supplied (to charge from your cigarette lighter) the air mattress will take a speedy 3 minutes to inflate the whole mattress. This includes 2 main compartments, a front pillow section, and two side cushion sections. It is able to make excellent use of most of the space in your vehicle and with these extra sections will keep you and a partner comfortable and away from any petruding parts.

Zoiibuy SUV Air mattress

The material itself is a good quality PVC with the outer texture similar to a soft suede making it even more comfortable. It inflates to an average thickness of 12cm. Inflated fully it accomodates my partner who is 6ft 1 happily who normally would struggle with sleeping in the car. The material is designed to withstand cold temperatures to -25 degrees, I don’t have a thermometer on my car to test the outside temperature but id say this worked well on a cold night as it warms up the air inside and keeps you warm too. When camping, you lose temperature from the ground first, so car camping can get around that as you’ll be protected from the heat sucking earth in your car and on a comfortable air bed.

Zoiibuy Car Mattress Folding

This mattress is multi-functional and not just for the boot of your car, you can take advantage of the 5 separate inflated compartments. This means that you can inflate only certain parts required. If you do not inflate the largest main chamber and side cushions then you are left with just the front two (as seen in picture below). It works well for a good (ish) night sleep lying on your back seats like this, however you will need to bring your own pillows as in this set up the air mattress pillow are now against the seats of the car rather than as a pillow. The ribbing on the mattress now go horizontal which personally I don’t feel are as comfortable in comparison to when it is going vertically downwards in line with your body. Also you will need to tuck the remainder on the airbed underneath it which makes it a little lumpy.

Zoiibuy Car Air Mattress Multi Function

The mattress comes with a large cardboard storage box to keep it in. In theory it is great, its eco friendly and a good size. As you can imagine this size of air mattress isn’t going to compress down into a tiny little nylon bag because this is easily the largest car bed we’ve reviewed. The two main problems being it is too big to be able to carry it around generally, you would only put it in the car when you need it and also because it is cardboard and we love our outdoor activities, the cardboard box will get ruined if kept around wet and muddy items in your boot.

Zoiibuy SUV Car Air Mattress


Pros & Cons

  • Perfect for use in an SUV, estate or long salloon with flat back seats
  • Comfortable night sleep
  • Designed for use in cold weather, withstand -25 degrees C.
  • Integrated pillow
  • Multi functional so can be used on the rear seats too
  • Designed more so for SUV’s and vans rather than cars, unless you have seats that fold flat in your car
  • Large in size does not pack down to a compact stow-able size
  • Not self inflating
  • Not the thickest
  • Not cheap

Conclusion & where to buy

The Zoiibuy car air mattress is large, well designed and perfect for SUV’s, its adaptable nature makes it a great car purchase for any vehicle as you can use it just on the rear seats if you don’t mind curling up and where it is meant for in the boot.

SUV Air Mattress Camping Beds, Inflatable Car Travel Bed with Footstools and Electric Pump, Large Size Portable Sleeping Pad for SUV RV MPV Car, Home, Outdoor and Travel 197x126x10cm


180 x 130 x 12 cm



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