Review of Aqua2go Pro Portable Pressure Washer

This is a review of the Aqua2go Pro Portable Pressure Washer


The Aqua2go pressure washer on first glance looks fun and a piece of kit that has been practically designed to do its job. It comes provided with a 6m length hose, a shower head and brush with soap reservoir. It also has the option to plug it in if you so desire, so you can run it from your cars 12v cigarette lighter if the battery is low.

Weighing in at 7kg it is not the heaviest nor the lightest pressure washer available however it is easy to move with its four wheels at its base and the option of a trolley handle or a canvas shoulder strap to carry it around, meaning its a viable portable option for your cleaning duties. It does sit fairly inconspiciously in the boot with only its bright green colour to draw the eye, they also have bright orange options too.

Aqua2go Pro Portable Cleaner Pressure Washer

We have used this in the garden as well as from our car as we do not have an outside water tap outlet. As it can hold 17-20 litres (depending on which of the two sizes you choose) it provides a good amount of cleaning or watering, giving about 12 minutes (17 litre tank) or 30 minutes (20 litre tank) of use.

Aqua2go Pro Portable Cleaner Pressure Washer


Providing 3-8 bar in water pressure it doesn’t provide a great deal of power , however this is perfect for small cleaning jobs that you’ll need to do when being an outdoor lover as well as being a “keeping your car clean” lover. Muddy boots, bikes, coats, wetsuits, water gear and more can all be cleaned using this device at home or out in nature. The pressure is also gentle enough to clean muddy paws! Especially if you have a spaniel who loves muddy puddles, this is a very good purchase if you have multiple things to keep clean and make last longer.

Again, like the others, you could use this on your car but really that is where you need a higher pressure wash ability. Unless you are happy with rinsing, washing by hand and using it to re-rinse then this isn’t for dirtier applications and environments. Just like with cleaning walls, stone floors and removing weeds, this just doesn’t have the punch it needs to do those type of pressure washer jobs.

The Aqua2 go pressure washer also provides you with a portable battery back which can be USB charged and also charge other devices such as phones, tablets. The battery itself also has a torch/flashlight option. Therefore with these extra features makes it a worthy car travel companion. Something which we didn’t expect with this purchase was this extra feature, it sure has come in to its own, everything gets cleaned after a day out whilst on the road and dirty gear doesn’t have to travel in the car any more. Incase of emergencies as well, even with a little bit of power left in the battery after you have used it you can charge extra devices in your car, battery powered head torches and more.

Aqua2go Pro Portable Cleaner Pressure Washer

One of my main critiques with the Aqua2go model is that is not the most robust package, some of the connection points can being a little loose and have the potential to leak if you are not careful with it. You can however purchase spares and new parts online on Amazon UK so not all is lost.

It also has the option to run as a cordless power washer shower system, which is perfect for your camping trips or if you yourself need a rinse down after being in the sea or getting dirty whilst out on a trail run or cycle, this really is a well thought out package, if you can deal with the lack of pressure (120psi is max) then you’re on to a winner.

Pros & Cons

  • Portable
  • Fun stylish design
  • Trolley handle and wheels for easy moving
  • Canvas shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • No power or water connection needed
  • Adjustable spray
  • Comes with showerhead, brush with soap resevoir
  • 6M water hose
  • Has separate mutifunctional power outlet
  • Can be USB charged
  • Battery can also be used as a torch/flashlight
  • The 20 litre version can work for 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Can be plugged in to 12v car cigarette lighter to run from the cars battery
  • Heavier than other portable pressure washers available
  • Quite expensive
  • Care is required with the hose and also in cold weather
  • The connectors are not the most robust

Conclusion & where to buy

The Aqua2go Pressure Washer is a bright green multi-purpose car companion device, it is the most expensive pressure washer we have tried, providing a large amount of water for pressure washing as well providing a phone charging back up and torch light for breakdown emergencies. It provides more pressure than the hand pump manual versions and has a bigger tank. We love this item and only time will tell with how long it will last, hopefully for years to come.

Update: This product may not be available anymore so we recommend the product below instead.

Netagon Portable Pressure Washer Manual Hand Pump Action Power Water Sprayer - Ideal for Garden, Car, Home & Lesuire (10 LITRE)


38.1 x 50.8 x 22.9 cm



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