Review of Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer

This is a review of the Karcher OC3 Portable Battery Powered Pressure Washer


Looking like a small cute robot you may find on Star Wars the Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer comes in a neat little package. With a small 4 little water tank it makes it very convenient for any outdoor enthusiast to quickly fill up with water and pop in the car awaiting a potential muddy return from your adventures.

Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer


It is all very very light even with a full tank of water inside. It takes very little space when transporting in your car boot, there is a very convenient hard plastic handle to the top of the washer which you can use to lift and move it. You’ll then notice you have two handles there one on top of the other. You have a handle on just the water tank which is the grey part to the top and then the larger handle attaches to the pressure washer. Once you lift the water tank off , underneath you will find a storage space that is sat on top of the pressure washer itself. This holds the nozzle and hosing, it is all nicely concealed and means essential parts aren’t going to go missing. There is also a much larger storage box (that can be bought separately) which fits underneath the pressure washer that contains further accessories such as a brush, cloth and charging adaptor for mains use.

Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer

The pressure of the water is 5 bar (75psi) which is rated as a low pressure. This is safe for use against skin, so if you are partaking in any challenges such as the tough mudder it can be used as a portable shower as well, this is one of the advantages of lower pressures, you aren’t going to hurt yourself when using it. At this pressure level it is also safe to use to help clean up furry friends who like to are quite partial to rolling in anything dirty and muddy puddles when out on walks.

Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer


On full battery you have 15 mins of use from your Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer. To use fill up your tank, press the on button on the front, lift out the nozzle and hose and place the tank back down making sure the hose fits through the little gap in the plastic and away you go. Bear in mind the pressure is quite low, you will still be able to clean many items with the Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer even your bike. Now with 15 minutes available and this is on full power I would say you have plenty of time to give the dirtiest or muddiest mountain bike a good clean, you may have to pull of tough bits of mud yourself due to the pressure level unless you purchase the accessory box also which means you can use the brush to scrub along stubborn sections with it. The brush to the end nozzle also works well on fabrics such as when cleaning your boots or even a tent if you enjoy camping in all weathers.

Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry with handle
  • Can be charged from the car
  • Portable, ideal for cleaning small items
  • Comes with 3 year warranty
  • Pricey
  • No next day delivery
  • small tank for bigger jobs
  • Requires in car charger
  • Useful accessories are available but are purchased seperately.

Conclusion & where to buy

The Karcher OC3 Pressure Washer is a great compact device that is portable and can be used on most muddy adventures. If you don’t require a lot of water pressure and are happy to pay a little more for a good quality purchase this is the pressure washer is what you are after.

Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner

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