Review of Astonish Anti Fog Car Glass Cleaner

This is a review of Astonish car glass cleaner, not just a car window cleaner but also helps with anti fog, we test it out to see how it does.


Welcome to our review of the Astonish Anti Fog Glass Cleaner, we are testing this product to see if it first of all does what it says on the tin, and that is, to stop fog building up on the inside of our cars windscreen and secondly to see if it also cleans the car glass well, compared to other products out there.

So the product details are as follows:

  • Anti-fog glass cleaner
  • Cleans and polishes all glass and windows
  • Non-smear, crystal clear finish
  • Simple spray on and wipe off formula
  • 750ml bottle

As well as being a car glass cleaner, it’s an anti-fog spray too, so if you have condensation building up in your car, this will hopefully help prevent that problem from happening.

It’s a car glass cleaner and window polisher too, which is great, this is really what we are testing for, apparently non smear and will leave a crystal clear finish.

This review is based on a 750ml bottle of Astonish anti fog glass cleaner and we’ve used the same application as we have with all the other car glass cleaner products and used strong kitchen towels to wipe the spray around and then a clean paper towel to wipe it off.

Review of The Astonish Anti Fog Glass Cleaner

First of all, the anti fog, we drive around for little adventures and we sometimes really need anti fog in our car, we go diving, surfing and swimming all the time in open water. This means when we drive back home with wet gear in our car, we always get problems with condensation building up on our windscreens and door windows of our car. We really need something to help with the anti fog.

As well as testing just glass cleaner, we have gone for the anti fog to see if it can help us, afraid to say, it didn’t.

We were very let down by this product, it’s a very good price, one of the cheapest car glass cleaner products we have tested and we thought with anti fog as well, it would be to good to be true, which it was.

When thoroughly cleaned all windows, inside and out on our car and then went for a hike with our dog, we got properly soaked and placed our jackets on the back seat and our wet dog in our boot. We drove for a few minutes with the heating on as it wasn’t the warmest and we immediately got condensation on all of our interior windows of the car.

This might be because we had wet jackets and a wet dog, in a small car and we didn’t give the heating time to clear some of the condensation and mist but it seems that this de-mister by Astonish did not really help, if at all.

As A Car Glass Cleaner

As a car glass cleaner, it was pretty damn good, especially considering the price. We used the same technique as we did for the others, sprayed on to the interior and exterior of our cars glass, then wiped off with strong thick kitchen paper towel and then used another dry paper towel for any excess.

We were not left with any streaks and this product managed to get bird poo off successfully on the outside and made all of the glass look brand new.

Pros & Cons

  • Great price, one of the cheapest car glass cleaners we have tested
  • It is a good car glass cleaner, your cars windows will shine and look much clearer after using this product
  • It’s an anti-fog product as well as a glass cleaner, that is great, but for us, it didn’t seem to work. It might work for you if you aren’t hauling any wet items in your car which builds up the moisture, but for us, it did not.

Conclusion & where to buy

We are sort of happy with this product, more let down by that the anti fog did not work, we wouldn’t like to rely on it if we had our wetsuits in the car as well, especially after a surf and they’d be soaked, this product would just not help.

You would have to drive around with heaters on the front windscreen and your windows slightly open to let the moisture out.

As a glass cleaner, it worked well, was easy to apply and remove, left no streaks for us and the glass looked crystal clear.

Astonish C1531 750ml Anti-Fog Glass Cleaner

as of April 16, 2024 10:04 pm


27.1 x 9.5 x 8 cm


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