Review of Topdon Elite Car Diagnostic Tool ABS & SRS Fault Reader

A review of the Topdon Elite cat diagnostic tool which has ABS and SRS airbag code fault functionality.


Are you after an SRS Airbag or ABS code reader as well as an engine fault reader, this little device does all of that and more. Straight out of the box it seems to be the best diagnostic tool we have reviewed.

If you have an error, you can read your code and also a description of what this error is, it won’t just give you a code number which you have to look elsewhere for, this is a really thorough diagnostic tool that will really show you whats going on.

topdon elite car diagnostic tool abs srs airbag code reader


We’ll get straight to it, this tool does it and more, if you have airbag or abs problems and they’re showing on your dash, you can check what is up with each error and find out in more detail what it is and then either fix it yourself or get it fixed at your local garage. Once you have checked what it is, you can easily remove it.

If you want to check emission reports or any engine information you can do this with graphical information as well. It has a better viewing information compared to the others which just show error codes and their definition.

topdon elite car diagnostic tool abs srs airbag code error reader eraser


With the Topdon Elite you also get a micro USB lead so that you can plug it in to your laptop computer and update using the Topdon software. This means if you have any problems or there are updates you can get them free of charge through Topdons online service.

Pros & Cons

  • Reads ABS and SRS Airbag faults as well as removing them
  • Can update using the USB and connected to a pc or laptop
  • Can read engine faults as well
  • Can show you car information, vin number and other details
  • Really professional look and feel to the product
  • The screen is hard to read in the daylight, especially if its too bright
  • Not the cheapest out there but if you need ABS and SRS Airbag faults reading too it will do these

Conclusion & where to buy

An amazing tool that will do it all, read all your error codes and remove them for you. If you have an error that is continual the light will reappear but at least with this device it will show you whats going on with your car and if its a real problem or not.

TOPDON AL600 OBD2 Scanner code reader with Active Test |ABS&SRS Diagnostics| Car Maintenance Reset Service of Oil, BMS, SAS| Full OBD2 Functions | Lifetime Free Update | LED Lights

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25 x 13.4 x 8 cm


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