Review of Autoglym The Collection Cleaning Kit

This is a review of the Autoglym The Collection Cleaning Kit


The Autoglum Car Valet kit is a sophisticated looking kit, if you are after professional quality products for cleaning your car then this is a great contender.

The Autoglym car cleaning kit includes:

  • Bodywork Shampoo 325ml
  • Super Resin Polish 325ml
  • Gloss Protection 325ml
  • Clean Wheels 500ml
  • Instant Tyre Dressing 500ml
  • Alloy Wheel Seal 450ml
  • Interior Shampoo 500ml
  • Car Glass Polish 325 ml
  • Vinyl and Rubber Care 500ml
  • Sponge
  • Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth
  • Aqua Dry Cloth

The bag is a sturdy, chunk of a carry case. Once unzipped you will find your cleaning products tucked neatly in black netting either side of the bag holding them in place.

Bodywork shampoo and conditioner provides a protective water repellent finish.

After you have washed your car with the bodywork shampoo and conditioner and dried with the microfibre cloth check your car body work is cool to touch then you can apply the super resin polish.

The super resin polish provides a longterm beauty treatment for all paint type. Apply to one panel at a time using circular motions and adding a little more pressure to scratches or hazing on the paintwork. Then finish off wiping in straight lines to even the polish out. This is a fantastic top notch car polish.

The Autoglym gloss protection provides a strong and robust barrier to keep the polish in and dirt out, the bottle needs to be shook well and applied gently across the car, providing a thin even layer.

The clean wheels product is a formula to clean the road dirt and grime from inside and around your wheels. Spray directly at your wheels and alloys and clean from the base of your wheel upwards. The formula quickly gets to work lifting up the dirt, then use a cloth or if you can a wheel brush (not provided) to aggitate the dirt a little more and then give it a good rinse through with a hose. To tackle the tyre around the wheel, try out the instant tyre dressing this applies a durable polymer creating a natural looking sheen. Sometimes you can clean your car to prestine condition but dirty tyres can let you down. The dressing can be applied to both wet and dry tyres and get it directly into the tread of the tyres and helps to make them look like new again. My only concern is if you have already washed your car and polished it and then you do this is the spray does slightly over shoot and you do not really want this getting on your paintwork so I would advise doing this when you in the washing stages of your car cleaning.

Now as you can imagine with professional car valet if you have alloys they need a little bit more TLC. Using the Autoglym alloy wheel seal comes in a spray bottle that is super fast and easy to apply. It provides a glossy finish that helps deter the build up of dirt, grime and brake dust. Once your wheels are clean from the clean wheels and instant tyre dressing this extra coat is all about future prevention of dirt addition. Apply to the wheel rims and spokes then buff with a polishing cloth.

The Autoglym car valet kit is not all about the exterior, it cleans your interior too. The Autoglym interior shampoo is great for cleaning the car seats, the floor mats, to the boot trim, dashboard and steering wheel. It is a good idea to shake out mats and vaccuum throughly before spraying the shampoo then wipe over with the aqua dry cloth.

For cleaning the windows Autoglym uses a powerful glass cleaner, it can applied to the inside and outside of your windows. Spray it evenly and then leave for five minutes then remove the residue with a microfibre cloth.

The vinyl and rubber care product provides an excellent barrier for future protection of your car interior. Against moisture, dust, staining and fading. Using a polishing cloth, once applied wipe down.

There are several products to this cleaning kit, each does its job in a smart, effective manner, from removing dirt, to making it look prestine, reflective and glossy and then others for preventative measures. It is a comprehensive kit for maintaining an immaculate conditon to your car. Due to most of the products being of a spray on nature this does mean they are not as direct as they could be so you need to be careful where you apply each bottle and that you are using the right bottle as they all look a little similar except for the small coloured patch and writing in the middle.



Pros & Cons

  • Sophiticated wash bag looking carry bag
  • Fresh and clean designed products
  • Fabulous gift
  • Provides excellent quality finish
  • For both inside and outside your car
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Works – period
  • A bit on the expensive side of the spectrum
  • The bottles all look very similar which might get a bit confusing at times

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a fantastic car valet kit that is worth the money for the quality of all the products provided. There is no doubt when using the kit in the correct order , your car has the potential to look better than when you bought it!

Autoglym VP9BLK Bodywork, Wheels & Interior Collection


35 x 20 x 27 cm



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