Review of Fresh Air Car Air Purrifier

This is a review of the Fresh Air Car Ionic Air Purifier


The Fresh Air Ionizer Car Purifier is a compact device that slots into the cigarette lighter (as the photo below shows taken by Fresh Air). It will then light up a blue LED and this will show that the purifier has started working. The main body of the unit is made from metal and at the top are a number of wires.

It uses an electronic ionization process to clean the air in your car. This releases large amounts of negative ions into the air that can effectively remove dust, pollen and smoke. It helps to reduce harmful or irritative bacteria in the air to sensitive noses especially those suffering from asthma or hay fever.

Fresh Air Car Ionic Air Purifier

It starts to get to work and I would say you notice the difference after about 5 minutes. If in particular you are trying to get rid of cigarette smoke or bad odors. It will keep working continuously till you unplug it. As there are no single use filters that need replacing it helps to make this product environmentally friendly.

It is a nicely quiet device as there are no moving parts to make any sounds. At times you might wonder if its actually doing anything but it is most likely just quietly doing its thing in the middle of your car.

Fresh Air Car Ionic Air Purifier


Pros & Cons

  • Removes bad odors within seconds
  • Environmenally friendly
  • Uses modern ionization techniques to purify air
  • Has a futuristic look
  • Stylish design
  • No filters to change
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Can sometimes be hard to tell if working
  • Needs to be constantly charging

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a futuristic, simple and environmentally friendly air purifier to use in your car.

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