Review of Black + Decker PD1200AV-XJ Flexi Car Vacuum

This Black + Decker PD1200 car vacuum cleaner is a corded mini hand held vacuum cleaner made specifically for your car. It comes with a 12v cord, so don’t be fooled if you’re thinking of using it elsewhere, in your home or somewhere, it can only be used where there is a car cigarette lighter or 12v input.

What's in the box

  • Black + Decker PD1200AV-XJ car vacuum with 5m long cord with 12V plug
  • Long thin hose attachment for narrow spaces
  • Short attachment with a flip brush
  • Instruction manual/warranty card

What is not in the box

This is purely a 12V car vacuum, so don’t expect a battery, and there is no socket to the mains so if you want to use it in the garage, we would recommend getting something like 240V to 12V converter which are pretty cheap and will do the job. 


Ease of Access

This car vacuum comes with a few small accessories and hose attachments, with these extra attachments you can use them to get in to small places in the car, beside car seats and down in car door trays.

The other attachment is a wide fitting which has a brush flip out on the other side. This is great for hoovering and cleaning up the car floors, seats and boot, basically the bigger flatter areas.

black + decker car vacuum hoover attachment

With its flexible hose you can get this in to most hard to reach areas, unlike other vacuums without a hose, where they struggle to fit down the side of the car seat, or underneath it. You can even place the handheld motor part of the hoover down and move the hose around if you aren’t strong enough to carry the whole vacuum around.

Cord Range

This car vacuum comes with a 5m long cord which plugs in to your car cigarette lighter. If that is in the middle, in between your two front car seats, this car hoover will pretty much reach anywhere, including the boot of your car. We were able to get it around our car on the outside and in to the boot to give that a hoover which was perfect for us.

How Well Does It Suck

The suction of this vacuum is pretty good for how small it is, don’t expect the power you get from a high end, wired hoover you use around your home, but it does exactly what we ask of it. The downsides to this are that if you have a dog, like us, we can’t get the boot completely hair free. We are lucky we have a short haired dog so aren’t complaining.

We have hoovered up sand, dried mud, food crumbs successfully. As long as you are using the correct attachment, this hoover should be good in cleaning up your car whatever muck and dirt you get in it.

General Use

Emptying the container after it has picked up a bit of dirt is very easy, a click of a button and it comes right out. You can even wash the inside if you are so inclined, we didn’t but the manual says you can.

It packs away in a little net bag and we leave it in our storage cupboard in our house. We don’t need it all the time, we just use it as a portable car vacuum cleaner and take it to the car when its parked up.



Surprisingly powerful little car vacuum which is great for us as our car is parked away from the home so we can’t get a normal wired hoover to it. So if you need a car hoover that you can plug in and use within the car, when you need it, this one could be for you.

It looks great, I like it has two sections with the hoover mechanism having the handle and the hose coming off of it, a much better design compared to the one piece hoovers. This  Black + Decker PD1200AV-XJ has also fared pretty well in our Best car hoovers and portable vacuum review

8.5Our score

  • Lightweight so great for anyone, including older people to use it as you can place the hoover down and just hold the hose and nosel if you are inclined.
  • Very powerful considering how small it is
  • The 5m power cord is long enough to get to any part of the car, including bigger cars
  • Will hoover up almost everything, including little stones
  • Dog hairs are hoovered up but not thoroughly
  • It is a cable car vacuum only, this is not cordless and does not have a battery

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