Review of BLACK + DECKER PAD1200 Flexi Car Vacuum

The Black + Decker PAD1200 Car Vacuum Hoover is a mid range compact yet cleverly designed vacuuum designed specifically for cleaning your car. Read on for our review on this Black + Decker vacuum cleaner.


Suction Strength

The suction of a car vacuum cleaner is quite different to a household hoover, if you are looking for a lot of power to pick up a large quantity of mud/dirt and mess then I would recommend connecting your household hoover on an extension lead to use this way. However if this isn’t an option for you for example if you park your car in a designated parking space far away from your home then this is one of the strongest car vacuum hoover suctions on the market.

It comes with 315 mm/water suction pressure. Simply put the suction method sucks dirt in and spins it dirt away from filter in a cyclonic motion. Like I said above a large degree of debris will not be picked up by this little hoover however more intricate troublesome mess such as dog hair, crumbs from your children eating in the back seat, this is perfect for. You will also need to keep your car engine on while the vacuum cleaner is plugged in to prevent your car battery running low.


Overall Size

The Black + Decker PAD1200 has been cleverly designed that it comes in a very small size that is easy to pack away fairly unobtrusive in the car. The vacuum comes provided with its own tidy away bag and its flexible hose means it wraps neatly around the main body of the vacuum cleaner. The 5 metre long cable also is much longer than other car vacuum cleaners especially for the size ratio of the hoover itself.


Ease of use

With its neat compact style the Black + Decker PAD1200 can be used in its fixed position as the hose sits on top of a carry handle for you to pick the hoover up easily and move it around as a unit. This vacuum cleaner is also light enough for you to be able to do this without your arms aching. You do however also have the option to unclip the hose of the carry handle which is helpful when you want to concentrate of getting to harder accessible areas of the car such as under your car seats. With the flexibility of the hose and the option of both two interchangeable nozzle ends allows you to not only access those harder reaching areas with the slim line nozzle but you can change it to the brush which works better and gentler on harder surfaces.

The length of the cable allows you to plug into your cigarette lighter and still be able to happily clean up any mess in the boot with out any stress or tight pulls to the lead. Due to the size of the hoover it will fill up quickly and need to be emptied quickly however the clear window to the compartment this allows you to keep an eye on this so your not in a situation where the hoover is full and you have no where to put the contents and handy on long journeys where for example you can need to empty the contents quickly at a service station bin there is a quick release lever meaning no need to get your hands dirty.



Pros & Cons

  • Plenty of suction
  • Compact in size to be stored away in the car
  • Flexible tube
  • Interchangable tools
  • Long 5m cable allowing you to access the boot
  • Not as powerful as cleaning your car with a household hoover
  • You will need to have the car turned on to make sure you do not run the battery down
  • Can only be used as a car vacuum as does not come with a main plug option
  • Small capacity for holding dirt will need to be emptied sooner than larger models
  • Your car will need a car cigarette lighter for it to be able to work

Conclusion & where to buy

The Black+Decker PAD1200 is a clever use of a tiny amount of space it will take up in your car. Allowing you to grab it quickly, clean up any minor spillages ASAP with little stress or hassle and pack it away again with no one even knowing your car was ever a mess at all. You can also check our Best Car hoover and portable vacuum roundup.

Great Value Black & Decker PAD1200 Auto Flexi Car Vacuum 12 V


18 x 31.6 x 24.8 cm



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