Review of Boora Carnauba Car Wax

A 100% pure carnauba hard car wax by Boora which promises great water beading, a lovely shine finish and no residues after application. We use it to wax our little Fiat Panda to see how well it works on our cars paintwork.


This ‘easy to apply’ hard car wax by Boora is 100% pure carnauba, it is advertised as a paste but actually is a very hard wax. It isn’t the cheapest of car wax’s we have purchased, but it’s 100% pure carnauba (which we actually hadn’t had heard of before we ordered it) and this is meant to be the best ingredient there is to protect your cars paint work and give it a lovely gloss finish.

boora car wax

So what do you get for your money? Well, just this little tin, but this little tin and it’s contents does wonders to the look of your car and will definitely protect it for some time to come. We applied this Boora hard car wax to our small car, and the result spoke for itself.

We had never used a carnauba wax for our car before, or ever actually. We spent a bit more to test this product and see how this would work on our car and see if it was the best car wax we had used.

Applying the Boora Carnauba Car Wax

It’s a hard wax, so, of course, it is not as easy as liquid waxes are to apply to your cars paint, but this was not hard overall. We had some small yellow sponges which we used to apply small amounts of wax to the car, it was as easy as any other hard wax we tested, if not the same.

After each little section, we waited a few minutes and then rubbed it off with a microfibre cloth towel. Within a few minutes of applying the Boora hard carnauba car wax, we noticed a vast improvement to the cars paint work, overall, we were totally pleased with how it performed and made the car look.

How Did It Protect The Cars Bodywork Over Time?

We had this hard carnauba car wax on the paintwork of our car for about 3 weeks. We live in the countryside, park our car on a grassy/muddy car park, we drive around small country lanes and down rough roads. It has also been raining quite a lot recently, so this car wax has been put through it’s paces and we could not be happier.

It has lasted really well, 3 weeks after applying and water still beads off of the car and debris, muck and other dirt you don’t want on your car seems to just stay off, it’s pretty incredible! We don’t think this is exactly down to the carnauba wax though, as we have seen similar results from the other three car waxes we have tested, is this the best car waxes we have tested? Maybe, but it’s also one of the most expensive.

Pros & Cons


This is carnauba car wax, apparently the best there is! There are definitely some positives to this product by Boora which we will go through.

  • Great shine after it has been removed by the microfibre cloth
  • Lasts weeks and definitely protects the cars paint work and body from grime on the roads
  • Makes older car paint look newer and gives it a new burst of life
  • Very easy to apply to the car and also remove
  • Can wax caravans, boats, vans, motorbikes as well
  • Not too pricey compared to other carnauba car waxes
  • It’s not the cheapest carnauba car wax, there are others costing less
  • Its a hard wax, if you are after a liquid, this is not for you

Conclusion & where to buy

Super impressed with our first hard carnauba wax experience. We applied it the same and buffed it just like any other wax we have used before, but this product by Boora really did make our car shine and finish it off beautifully. We have had it on the car for 3 weeks now and it’s still beading really nicely and keeps the worst of the grime off of our car, especially good considering it’s getting in to winter now.

Boora Number 1 Carnauba Car Wax Polish



Martin Shaw
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