Review of Ultra Gloss Hard Paste Carnauba Wax

Are you after a carnauba wax to wax your car but looking for something more affordable? We tested this car wax which was the cheapest carnauba car wax we could find on Amazon UK to see if it’s worth the money.


Just like the Boora carnauba car wax we tested, this wax came in a small little metal tin, this product though comes with a little ‘applicator pad’, basically a small sponge used to apply the wax before you buff it off.

This wax is the cheapest we have reviewed, even though it’s a carnauba which is meant to be more expensive than the other hard waxes and liquid waxes out there.

First impressions are really good, the shine and glossy finish is on par with the other waxes we have tested on our little Fiat Panda and the paint work looks great. The rain beads off of the cars body really nicely showing that it now has a protective layer on top of the paint.

The only real negative with this car wax is that it just hasn’t given us the deepest of gloss looks and shines that we have seen using the Boora car wax. We have had a lot of practice now on our cars, waxing them a few times means we now know the little tricks to get the most out of the wax, just with this one, even after a couple of applications, it didn’t give us the results the others did.

It was exactly the same to apply as the others and you can see how this was done at the top of this post in our how to apply car wax instructional guide.

We left this car wax on our car for another 3 weeks like the others before we did this review. It, like the other carnauba car wax protected our little Panda from grime on the roads, bird poo wiped off easier with this wax already on the car body and water continued to bead off of the paint work.



Pros & Cons

  • Cheapest carnauba car wax we could find on Amazon UK
  • 100% carnauba car wax, so if you are after this specific type of wax, then this is the most affordable
  • Long lasting protection with a great price
  • Not the best shines or deepest gloss finish, even after a couple of applications
  • Harder to buff off when applying it to your cars paintwork, make sure to apply a very thin coat when using the sponge

Conclusion & where to buy

A very good carnauba hard car wax, but not the best. This is mirrored in it’s price, being the cheapest we have tested. It does give a good shine to the car and protected it as well as the others. It didn’t give the best shine compared to the others and was harder to buff off compared to the others as well, including the other hard waxes.

Ultra Gloss Hard Paste Carnauba Wax, pure caranauba wax, high gloss, instant water pearls

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Martin Shaw
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