Review of Carbon Look Steering Wheel Knob

This is a review of the carbon steering wheel knob by XtremeAuto. It’s a carbon look product, so not entirely carbon but still looks as good as carbon.


This carbon look steering wheel knob came within a few days of ordering, it didn’t have the prime option on Amazon but not to worry.

Being carbon look means it’s actually plastic which has a carbon wrap over the top of it to make it look like carbon. With this you get that great look but the the lightness that comes with carbon, but that doesn’t matter as the knob isn’t meant to be very light, it’s more for helping you steer.

carbon steering wheel lock


It only takes a few minutes to secure on to your steering wheel and comes with a rubber insert to keep it tight and in place. Once securing this on to your steering wheel it’s ready to use, just a few minutes and you’re ready to drive away.

we drove around with it for a few days, around small back country roads, tight bendy backstreet town roads and parking in tight spaces when taking the dog for a walk, which is a daily occurance.

The downsides to this little device is that it can be a little squeeky and the fitting is not as secure as some of the others we tested, after a few days it did require re-tightening to the steering wheel.

This carbon steering wheel knob protrudes more than any other we tested, so if you don’t want one getting in the way, this isn’t for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Great price
  • Good at steering you out of tight places
  • Nice and light on the hand
  • Not the comfiest material to hold on very long journeys
  • Not pure carbon
  • Sticks out the most compared to the others
  • The secure fitting does not look the best

Conclusion & where to buy

A great entry level steering wheel knob, not the bet looking and doesn’t secure as tight as others but once you find the right position for it on your steering wheel it should work well.

CARBON Fibre Look Steering Wheel Assister Knob

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