Review of Type-R Chrome Steering Wheel Knob


This is the Type-R steering wheel knob by Sumex, a great looking chrome steering wheel knob. This one attaches on to the steering wheel and sits right on top of it, rather than just on the outside or inside.

The first thing we noticed with this spinner knob is that it is actually made of plastic, only the fitting attachment is chrome, so it feels just like the carbon look steering wheel knob we have also reviewed.

When fitting as well, we are lucky we have a very thin steering wheel in our Fiat Panda, so it fitted well but it was a tight fit. This may struggle to fit on to naturally thicker steering wheels.

type r steering wheel knob


It sure does look good on our steering wheel but after a few days use it does feel plasticy and not the greatest in hand. The plastic that spins around is not situated on bearings so when you are turning using this knob it feels smooth but not as smooth as something with bearings and grease. We would reccomend adding some spray grease just inside where it moves. Only time will tell if the plastic that you grab lasts as it is in constant contact with the metal section underneath.

type r steering wheel knob


If you are going to be using this on something other than a car steering wheel, like a sit on lawn mower, then remember to measure the fitting and the width of your steering wheel so that this will definitely fit.

Pros & Cons

  • This one fits directly on top of the steering wheel, rather than being off-set
  • Good looking steering wheel knob
  • Easy to fit
  • Fitting may only be for thin steering wheels, may struggle on thicker steering wheels
  • Made of plastic and not chrome

Conclusion & where to buy

A decent sporty looking steering wheel knob but it doesn’t fit the biggest steering wheels and is actually made of plastic, not chrome. So it feels a bit cheap in the hand and it may not last that long as it doesn’t use bearings to help it move around as your steer.

Race Sport 2707096 Type R Aluminium Chrome Car Steering Wheel Aid Knob Power Handle

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as of July 11, 2024 6:50 pm


39 x 29.6 x 6.8 cm


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