Review of CLIX Car Safe Dog Harness

This is a review of the Clix Car Safe Harness, a multipurpose quick fit harness read on for our experience with this harness.



The front padded chest guard and under straps allow for a comfortable yet secure fit for your travelling companion. My favourite part to this harness is the design as it does not require your dog to step into it, with its double sided buckles it goes over your dogs head and is clipped either side with the buckles. Therefore whether your dog is a chilled, nervous, hyperactive or crazy little pup, this harness should work for many personalities. The harness also comes with two methods of securing the harness in the car, either straight into the seat belt buckle or around the seat belt strap, personally I feel securing your dog into the seat belt buckle provides extra security and will make sure your dog has restricted movement if an accident were to occur. This should also stop it from chewing on the car seat belt if it’s still biting and chewing things around the house.

Clix Car Safe Harness Seat Belt Buckle

Harness strength

You can really feel the robust nature to the material of the harness it is a strong soft neoprene fabric that also has some give to it,allowing some stretch. The harness straps are wide and not appear to be easily torn, nibbled at or frayed. There is little adjustment to the straps of the harness so I would recommending measuring your dog first but there is a choice of size options available.

Clix Car Safe Harness Seat Belt Buckle


Pros & Cons

  • Criss cross design that provides secure fitting for your dog
  • Comes in 4 different sizes
  • Made from safety standard approved seat belt material
  • Your dog doesn’t need to put their legs into it making it easier to put on
  • Allows dog to sit and lie down as well as being securely fastened
  • Increased safety as your dog can be fastened to the seat belt buckle
  • Spaniel and escape artist dog breed proof
  • Strong sturdy but stretchy material
  • Lack of size adjustment, worth measuring your dog prior to purchase
  • Not suitable for Volvo or Saab cars

Conclusion & where to buy

Your dog is in safe hands with this car harness you can tell it has been lovingly designed by a dog owner wanting both safety and a comfortable car ride for his dogs, not only strong but easy to use. Make sure you measure your pup before purchasing!

The Company of Animals Clix Carsafe In-Car Safety Harness For Dogs,Medium


30.5 x 5.1 x 16.5 cm



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