Review of Streetwize Caravan Towing Mirrors

In this review of the Streetwize caravan towing mirrors, we test out these car mirror extenders to see how they work whilst towing a caravan.


Our first test review for a towing mirror and although we’ve never used one before, it seems like a really well made item of quality, the price is quite reasonable too.

It has one strap, which is made of plastic to wrap around your wing mirror and it seems to fit perfectly on our fiat panda wing mirrors. They were very easy to fit to our wing mirrors and easy to take off too if you wish to remove them when not towing a caravan or other large trailer. You just leave the clamp on the cars mirror and remove the extending mirror.

We drove some very rough roads on our first outing and there was very little vibration which is one of the main points with owning a good mirror extender. They are of a good size, not too small and show quite a bit in their reflection.

There are 3 tightening areas, clamps and/or fastenings. The first is the clamp on to the wing mirror itself, this sits at the back of the wing mirror and as mentioned below, if you just double check this strap and its screws after its first drive about you should be fine. The second being the mirror itself can rotate on the bar to get the angle you want. The mirror didn’t move around or shake, the angle we chose for it seemed to hold still on our drives out. This was the same with the mirror arm which you use to extend out from your cars mirror. A silver metal rod is clamped in to place with a tightening screw, just choose the distance out from your cars mirror and tighten in to place.

A final tip is to make sure that once you have fitted it and drove around with it on, double-check the tension and tightness of the screws so that they are as tight as they can be. Because it’s a new product it may stretch a little with first use. We did a small 10 mile drive and then re-tightened it and then it was good to go for much longer journeys. This could be overcome if they weren’t made of plastic and instead, something like rubber.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy fitting wing mirror extender
  • Can remove the mirror and leave the clamp in place when not towing a large trailer or caravan
  • Great price for what seems like a quality item
  • Doesn’t shake much or vibrate which is really important for long distance driving
  • The clamp strap fitting to your wing mirror can come a little bit loose after your first set up, this needs checking
  • Not for wing mirrors which curve in 2 directions, better for more square shaped wing mirrors

Conclusion & where to buy

A great set of wing mirrors for towing a caravan or trailer, the visibility you gain is great as they use clear large mirrors. Very stable on rough roads but when first installed they are quite loose as the strap on the wing mirror must be stretching itself in to fit so that needs checking regularly.

Streetwize - Heavy Duty Rock Steady Twin Towing Mirror Pack, Convex Mirror - Caravan Trailer Motorhome Towing Kit (LWACC34)

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as of June 7, 2024 8:37 pm


36.6 x 21.6 x 7 cm


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