Review of DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser

This is a review of the DITU Large Car Boot Organiser


The DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser at half a metre in length can be expanded to provide quite a large amount of items. It looks smart and its shape allows it to fit happily in any boot. The sides of the organiser are very rigid in comparison to others on the market, it stands well. I’d like to point out the height to the organiser at 32 centimetres means that you can put items into the two main compartments that you need to keep upright and the organiser will make sure it does not roll around in the boot instead.

DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser



The base is made of three layers for extra strength consisting of polymer rubber, polyester and 2.5mm PE Board. Having the combination of these layers means the base is waterproof which is great for placing into a dirty or wet boot (which any outdoor enthusiast may have). The overall material is infact waterproof so it means things you place into the organiser will not get your boot messy if infact your car boot is spotlessly clean.

For me the dissapointing factor is the strength. There are small fabric handles to the organiser but they do not appear to be very strong and I would not like to try these with heavier items. Also on the base of the organiser there are non slip grips to prevent the organiser from moving however I found these did very little therefore I used some string to attach through the loops in the organiser to attach to the headrests on the backseat.

DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser

The simplicity and large amount of space to the DITU Inc Car Boot Organiser is fantastic, big enough for wellies, boots, or even a small weekly shop. The outer pockets and inner mesh pockets provide for a stable travel space for small items not to get squished or to locate them easily later.

DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser

With an unclip of the buckles the DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser is expanded and then collapsed again. It packs away neatly in the boot or even in some back pouches to the front seats.

DITU Inc Large Car Boot Organiser


Pros & Cons

  • Simple design
  • Sturdy with inner mesh pockets
  • Strong and waterproof base
  • Tough and long lasting
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Money back guarantee
  • Waterproof material
  • Not as many pockets as other organisers available
  • Limited ability to secure in the boot
  • The non slip grips to the base are not the best
  • Unable to remove the middle divider to use as one large compartment
  • Weighs nearly 2Kg

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a simple designed organiser providing height and stability for your shopping and tools and gifts travelling in your car however make sure to secure it in the boot with extra rope/string to make sure it does not move around.

Feezen Car Boot Organiser Best for SUV, Vehicle, Truck, Auto, Minivan, Home - Heavy Duty Durable Construction Non-Skid Waterproof Bottom


37.2 x 33.4 x 5.8 cm



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